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Blood Geass


Internet Voice Actor
Video Editor

Notable Mentions

Robotech The Abridged Parody
Kampfer Abridged

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Blood Geass (Born May XX 1994), creator of Robotech The Abridged Parody & Kampfer Abridged.

About Him[]

Just your average teenage otaku, who happened to get his hands on a trusty CPU, Microphone, and a comedic brain (hacked up several people before he finally found one). (Referring in third person is fun)

I love editing videos, voice acting, writing, Anime, Manga, Video Games, any type of strategy game, good food, Tea, Coffee, anything that involves nature. I like sketching, when I go out.


Robotech The Abridged Parody
Kampfer Abridged

Robotech Abridged[]

Why Robotech? Well, I just wanted to do an abridged series, so near the end of 2008, after I finished up the Shadow Chronicles Movie, that was just after finishing watching Robotech for the first time, I decided to look up if an abridged series had been done on it, I couldn't find any. So I decided to write the first episode and complete it when I had a good opportunity, but I wanted to at least create 3 or 4 episodes first before uploading them. So about 9 months has passed since I decided to start it, still, no Robotech Abridged, so I just finished the 4th episode, and I thought it was good. So I published it.

Kampfer Abridged[]

I thought it was hilarious, but I thought I could make it even more.

Harmony Blood[]

It is an parody of Harmony Gold, involving, Blood written over Gold and the logo pasted over the symbol of Geass. As seen below. HarmonyBlood