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Jan 2008 - Apr 22, 2010 (hiatus)


10 + redo of episode 1


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A largely solo Bleach Abridged project by Khenpoe (with the exception of a few guest stars), this was one of the early Bleach Abridged series to become popular. The series received a relatively wide viewer base, helped by khenpoe’s involvement in the Abridged Community, and was considered to be one of the better Bleach Abridged series of the time, being well-rounded with good audio, video, plot and jokes for the time of its release. Khenpoe produced 10 episodes in the series, only covering content up to episode 11 of the original anime by the time of hiatus/cancellation in early 2010.

In January 2014 Khenpoe briefly returned to abridging with a re-done version of Bleach TAS Episode 1, and a pilot episode of Case Closed Abridged.


Most of the main characters are voiced by Khenpoe.

Guest Stars[]

Episode 7

Episode 8

Episode 9

Episode 10

RE: Episode 1

  • SinKatt
  • Chaosknight

Episode List[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 1
RE: Episode 1
Jan 2008
Jan 13, 2014
Episode 2
with Orihime, Chad, and... a Teddy Bear?!
Feb 4, 2008
Episode 3
... Now with 50% more Orihime's Teddy Bear!!
Feb 19, 2008
Episode 4
Strange happenings, and a bird in the middle of it all...?

Alfred Hitchcock is rolling in his grave about now...

Mar 18, 2008
Episode 5
I scream! You scream! We all scream for Bleach Abridged!!

Includes Takahata101's singing talent

Apr 24, 2008
Episode 6
Kon, no body-snatching! Kon, no body-snatching! Kon, no- Dammit!!
Jun 1, 2008
Episode 7
"Anime Law: The Cute Character Clause"
Jul 10, 2008
Episode 8
"The Orange Knight"
Sep 19, 2008
Episode 9
It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, it's Episode 9 of Bleach Abridged!!
Jul 3, 2009
Episode 10
"Eternal *cough* Rival"
Apr 22, 2010


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