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Episodes from Season 2 of Bleach Soma Abridged by Semisoma1.

(Also See: Bleach Soma Abridged Season 1)

Episode 13[]

Invasion of Soul Society. The Power of Cheating Unleashed!!


Bleach Soma Ep 13 - Invasion of Soul Society The power of cheating unleashed!!!

Not a bad start to a season, I suppose. Let's see how this goes, shall we?

The first episode of Season 2. The episode begins with Ichigo questioning his motives for saving Rukia, and both Urahara and Ishida assuring him that he and Rukia are dating(coheirant with Semisoma1 and MidnightDevont's relationship also evolving past being friends, as Rukia and Ichigo often represent the two in the series). IChigo is skeptical of this at first, but when Orihime asks if he's single he quickly decides he and Rukia are dating, happily, and leaps through the gate. Once there, he confronts Gidanbo at the Seretei gate, who quickly conceeds because he likes Yoruichi(" Kitty makes Gidanbo happy. Gidanbo listen to kitty. Gidanbo... lift... WAAAAALL!!!!" As they're about to enter, Captain Gin Ichimaru appears. He says his time is short, as he's planned a romantic evening with Midnight(that almost got him written out of the series). He dismisses Ichigo andthe others, injuring Jidanbo. To move forward with the plot, Yoruichi envokes the power of "scene skipped", which he also calls "cheating". They skip through several events, meeting Ganju and Kukaku Shiba in the process. Ichigo comes up with the idea that he and the team should wear Kamina Glasses, to increase spiritual preassure. The episode continues with a captains meeting where Gin is scolded for being evil, and Aizen and Gin have a badly staged conversation about who is evil, that Hitsugaya falls for. The episode ends with the team(the "Bleach Rangers" being launched out of a cannon. Kukaku then states that only SHE may wear Kamina glasses in her house("...bitch.").

Episode 14[]

Everybody Dance, Yo!


Bleach Soma Ep 14 - Everybody Dance, Yo!!!

I'm guessing his favorite toy is a yo-yo.

The characters crash into the Soul Society, scattered and lost in different areas. Ichigo and Ganju bump into Madarame Ikkaku and Yamichika, who challenge them. Ganju promptly runs away, and Yamichika chases him. Ikkaku and Ichigo fight, until Ikkaku releases his Zanpakuto, the "Mega Bamboo Stick". He reveals that all members of squad eleven have a theme song by Andrew W.K., that they use when they're fighting at their top level(or when they're having the most fun). Ikkaku's is "You will Remember Tonight". Ichigo counters Ikkaku's song with "the power to break walls" and "the power of whoosh". Eventually, Ikkaku is bested by Ichigo's triumph attack, the "super weapon splitter-in-halfer". Ikkaku launches one last attack, but appears as Kisuke and defeating by Ichigo's blind rage towards the man who is "less like master, more like jackass". Meanwhile, Ganju uses his Sand Coffin and Jutsu techniques to ward off Yamichika, and eventually finishes him off with the "Mega Fire Pitch", which effectivly turns Yamichika into a festival display in the sky. Ichigo spares Ikkaku, who warns him about Kenpachi Zaraki and Kenpachi's song. Meanwhile, Kenpachi is lost in Soul Societies twists and turns. The episode ends with Ishida fighting a Soul Reaper who knocks him off a building, and leaves him there after the episode ends. This episode was the last seen for a little over a month and a half.

Episode 15[]

The Great Rukia is Born!


Bleach Soma Ep. 15 - The Great Rukia is Born!

Pffft. Fandubs. Like they get you anywhere.. ... ... what's that? You say Semisoma01 actually went on to become a professional VA? You say that he does fandubs regularly and it's what got him noticed by Ocean Studios? You say he's in good with Viz, Gainex and Bandai because of them? You're saying I'm repeating everything you say? You say shut up?

This episode was a seigweigh between fights. The episode starts with Ishida defeating the Soul Reaper, bored from waiting for Semisoma1 to release the episode(due to a Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children fandub), quickly. He is then defeated quickly by Cloud Strife, after indirectly insulting him. Ishida has not been seen since being blown up by Cloud's Limit Break, Blade Beam. Ichigo and Ganju move on by taking Hanataro hostage, ineffectivly, then being saved by a freak accident; Chad blowing a wall up. Hanataro follows them, and Ganju suggests eating him. Hanataro reveals that he was Rukia's caretaker, and talks about "the Great Rukia", which is the persona Rukia has strangely adopted. He says he wants to save Rukia, and as such wants to help Ganju and Ichigo. As they emerge from the sewers they traveled in, Ichigo notes anime mist and says that a formidible enemy will surely appear from it. He prepares himself, and is let down as Renji emerges from the mist. He then compares Renji to a goat, and the episode ends. This was the last episode seen for a two month gap.

Episode 16[]

You're All Gonna Hate Me Now


Bleach Soma Ep. 16 -

Foolish Semisoma1. Just because your mic doesn't pop anymore it doesn't mean you're any bet-HOLY SH*T THAT'S LITTLEKURIBOH!!

Renji and Ichigo square off, fighting each other as Ganju and Hanataro watch on. Renji reveals an alter ego, "Pigion Man", and uses his "Pigion powers" to knock Ichigo back. Taken slightly aback, Ichigo collects himself and states he is ten times stronger than last time they met. Renji continues by saying he's 100 times stronger, and the two bicker until Renji claims he is "One Hundred Bajjilion Gabillion times stronger", and Ichigo takes the mature route and says he's infinite times stronger. The continue fighting until Renji is protect broken, and Kuhn from .Hack//G.U. Data Drains him. Renji then remenisces about his and Rukia's past, giving light to how Rukia used to be "The Great Rukia", and Renji was a vampire. Though both changed dramaticly when Renji was forced to change his accent to become a Soul Reaper, and to join a noble house Rukia had to give up being the Great Rukia. Renji and Ichigo then form a pack and swear to save Rukia. The episode ends with Kuhn forcing the audience to lose the game, and Tristan Taylor from Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series complaining about Semisoma1's release rate over the preceeding two months, quoting that having a real life is "maaaaadneeeeeeess".

Episode 17[]

This Has Been An Automated Voice Recording


Bleach Soma Episode 17 Reuploaded

Owwwwwww. My eaaaaaars. Warn us next time, Midnight?

The episode opens with Hinamori and Kira finding Renji half dead and gift-wrapped, delivered to them. Byakuya orders him to the holding cells, and Kira questions him. In response, Byakuya threatens to send anyone who questions him there as well. Hitsugaya advises Momo not to respond, claiming he's her lawyer. Later in the episode Momo talks her way into sleeping in Aizen's room, and Aizen does his best to keep his lunch while asking her on a date. Estatic, Momo accepts. She oversleeps the next day, but is woken up by an alarm and runs out of her room while "The Best Day Ever" plays. When she arrives at her destination, she finds Aizen dead with an "automated voice recording", and several people watching his body. Gin claims he killed him with Hitsugaya's help, pointing out that Aizen didn't help kill himself, then says Kira sold tickets to see Aizen's body. Momo focouses on Kira, trying to blow him up as Gin walks away. Hitsugaya stops them, sends them to the holding cells, then had a Death Note-themed stand-off where Gin called himself "Evil", rather than "Justice", then just barely corrected himself. Elsewhere, Kyoraku and Nanoe are discussing the tresspasser(Chad). Kyoraku tries to avoid fighting, but when Nanoe offers to go Kyoraku goes to fight him, telling Nanoe that her place is in the Kitchen then asking she stay away from Ukitake. The Episode concludes with Ganju, Hanataro and Ichigo coming into contact and being crushed by Kenpachi's spiritual preassure.

Episode 18[]

Kenpachi Has Arrived


Bleach Soma Ep. 18 - Kenpachi has Arrived

Awesome. Can't wait for the next one. Shouldn't take Semi long to make. I mean, after all, he works with Midnight and CanadianJutsu, and I'm sure they contribute something to the making of these things, right? ... right?

The episode opens with Kenpachi and Yachiru talking about why Ichigo should be afraid of Kenpachi, singing part of "Gaston". Kenpachi says that all the hair on his chest is invisible, prompting Ichigo to fly into a blind rage due to his paranoia about Invisible Robots. The battle continues with Kenpachi revealing "The Tommy Oliver Barrier", swearing to his Train god, saying his mother was a Train, noting his theory on how to break through walls, then saying all his Skill points are in "Badassness". Ichigo retaliates by saying all his skill points are in "You suck!". Ichigo prompt runs away several times, eventually recollecting himself and assuring himself he can't lose because he's the lead character in the anime. He uses the Limit Break "Braver" on Kenpachi, finally cutting him. Kenpachi uses that as a reason to use Limit Breaks of his own, claiming he adores them, then uses his spiritual preassure to force his theme song, "Ready to Die" by Andrew W.K. to start playing. After a short amount of this, Ichigo mocks Kenpachi's sword by comparing it to a cat. Kenpachi claims he loves cats and that his sword(constantly released) once belonged to Sephiroth, and takes his anger out by killing Ichigo. Zangetsu then appears to the dieing Ichigo, telling him "It's time... Dog..." before "To be Continued" flashes across the screen. The episode concludes with Nanoe embarrasing Kyoraku with rose petals, then claiming she'll kill Chad if he won't. He responds by immediately one-shotting Chad.

Episode 19[]

You Better Get Ready to Sugar Skull


Bleach Soma Ep. 19 -

My. God. He's done it. A kid with no acting ability and terrible editing has transformed himself into... THIS... in just a year... ... ... ... *hums Kenpachi's theme song*

After a year, the series reopens with a change of casting and style. No actors from the previous episodes are involved apart from Semisoma and WhipOfAlchemy, and actors Squeaky93, Dco257, LordQuadros and BrookeLynn are now on the cast. The episode opens with Ogihci and Ichigo having a conversation about the series being canceled, with Ogihci saying he'd steal it away since he was the view/subscriber/power hungry side of Ichigo. Ichigo prompty interupted him saying he'd continue the series, and procceded to go to the opening credits. Ichigo once again confronts Kenpachi, who is suprised to see him rise. After Ichigo beats off Kenpachi, Kenpachi once again unleashes his theme song against Ichigo. Again Ichigo fights him toe to toe, asking that since they can't kill/hit each other, they should call it a draw and laugh about it over drinks. Kenpachi takes off his eyepatch that "tries to eat his eyeball", and uses his full power, all the while declaring that as long as his theme song is playing he's invincible. Ichigo asks Zangetsu for help, and Zengetsu tells him to use the song Semisoma used to defeat Ogihci two eyars prior in a War Video that nobody remembers except Ogihci. Ichigo uses his theme song, "Envy on the Coast - Sugar Skulls", to match blades with Kenpachi. The battle ends with Ichigo falling over on the ground, ONCE AGAIN IN A POOL OF BLOOD AT THE END OF AN EPISODE, after being in denial about losing. Kenpachi's sword breaks, and he says he and Ichigo should be bleed to death buddies, then falls over, Yachiru, oblivious to the idea that Kenpachi wasn't faking his defeat, rescues him and takes off. The episode ends with Ganju and Hanataro talking breifly, then Ganju hurling Hanataro via a rope at the tower Rukia is in.

This episode contained far superior editing and microphone quality to any previous installations of the series, and marks the revival of Bleach Soma Abridged at the hands of Semisoma01/TheAzureCrow. This is also the beginnning of the use of constant frame-by-frame lip flap editing in the series. The aspect ratio is also no longer being stretched out to 16:9 as it was before, but is being left in 4:3 as the footage intends. Video quality is also dramaticly higher.