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Episodes from Season 1 of Bleach Soma Abridged by Semisoma1.

(Also See: Bleach Soma Abridged Season 2)

Episode 1[]

A new Reaper


Bleach Soma Ep. 1 - A New Reaper

Episode 01, as redone after Episode 10-12. Don't get quite used to this quality for now.

Here we find Ichigo, teenager, voice actor, representation of Semisoma1 and all the voices he's done to this point and he...is not happy. He does not wish to be the main character of this series, or any series for that matter and refuses to do "anime stuff" all he wants is to live a normal life. with his one true love, brunch. however, Ichigo gets no such luck when a hollow comes looking for his voice. also, incomes Rukia, chronic lier and bad pun teller. episode 1 marks the start of the long occurring joke of Ichigo's love of butterflies. also in this episode we witness MidnightDevont mess up one of her lines. Ichigo, now a soul reaper gains a deeper voice, loves comic books, and is a part time hairdresser.

eye catcher for this episode is Rukia discussing Ichigo and his giant sword and his dignity.

Episode 1{redux}[]

A shinigami is born

Far later in the series, now with better skills at editing and voicing. Semisoma and MidnightDevont decided to revisit episode 1. in this episode we find a bunch of new jokes. now it seems Ichigo can't count properly, he still loves brunch, original episode 1 is weak, he still can't see it he's just jogging. Rukia is still a lier to a higher degree. oh and don't forget the butterflies. MidnightDevont STILL can't say "It'll destroy your soul" in one take. Interesting trivia on the title it is a parody of "A star is born" which is the name of the first episode of Sailor Moon.

eye catchers for this episode were more butterfly jokes and out takes of Midnight trying to say "It'll destroy your soul."

Episode 2[]

taking responsibility


Bleach Soma Ep.2 - Taking Responsibility

Episode 02, featuring bored acting and bad mic issues.

here we are, episode 2 and Ichigo has pretty much accepted his fate but we have a new comer, with what might or might not be his permanent voice. Abarai Renji and he wants in the series before his appearance in episode 16. Semisoma can't pronounce cameo. introduced in this episode also is Chad, speaking in deep one word sentences. also in this episode is Orihime, her melons and an argument about Ichigo and Rukia's hair. btw. hollows are people too...also, Renji can NOT be in the episode. eye catcher: source audio: .Hack//G.U. Endrance summoning his Avatar point of it: comparing Avatar to Bankai as a type of elevated state.

Episode 3[]

Brotherly Love


Bleach Soma Ep.3 - Brotherly Love

Episode 03. Be prepared to adjust your volume. Pretty well constantly.

the Audio quality on episode 3 is rather bad, the only lines that can be heard properly are Ichigo's. this episode marks the first appearance of TwilightChrono into the series as Orihime's brother. Zach has the wrong recording studio, Ichigo is keeping track of the score, Rukia gets contradicted, Orihime's brother is a longer brown haired Sasuke, nothing makes sense peoples reasons are stupid. Ichigo wins 4-3...or maybe he doesn't....who knows!?

eye catcher: DDR-Butterfly Ichigo screaming where Ichigo's soul reaper voice is no longer deep

Episode 4[]

The Kind Giant


Bleach Soma Ep. 4 - The Kind Giant

Episode 04. Nothing specific to note. Let's get these kids some acting lessons.

In this episode we first meet Uryuu Ishida{at this point voiced by TwilightChrono}, they discuss Tatsuki and how she would of been a much better main character then Orihime. Midnight can't pronounce Uryuu. Uryuu is sick minded, things 18+ in the US are 13+ in Japan and all of this is before the opening credits, in the actual episode. we see Chad, now talking a little bit more. he's less of a one line brute and his voice has changed a bit. Rukia watches hospital drama's, is a genius, but she can't open a juice box. Chad named the parrot fluffy, Chad gets hurt, an actual script moment, Batman reference, Jackie Chan reference, MidnightDevont screws up another one of her lines and Tobi is here and here to stay.

eye catcher for this episode: Naruto opening- fighting dreamers

Episode 5[]

To kill a mockingbirds hollow


Bleach Soma Ep 5 - To Kill a Mockingbird's Hollow

Did I just hear sound effects... ? Bah, probably not gonna last.

after a small break we return to find the Shinigami info cards invading the episode. Rukia is looking for help against Tobi while Ishida and Ichigo have a nice casual discussion. we find Uryuu is afraid of sock puppets. Tobi hates Bleach, Ichigo figures his family got better after his mom died, this is the episode of the actual dialog jokes, so many corny lines...here it is established that Chad is a huge fan of rock bands. this is the only time original audio is used in the Abridged series for the sound Tobi makes. Rukia gets hurt multiple times during an argument about Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris. Tobi is killed by Ichigo while he rushes to tell his backstory to the audience. he performs konso on the kid, resulting in his getting beat up by Chad and Rukia.

Eye Catcher for this episode: Epic Rukia maneuver- Original Bleach audio looped

Episode 6[]

The Mod Soul


Bleach Soma Ep 6 - The Mod Soul

Not bad. Not really good, either.... why is a mod soul a surfer again?

In todays episode we find Ichigo and he has something important he wants to discuss before the opening credits, however once the cast hears it's about the popular children's book series Franklin nobody will let him get a word in edge wise to the point where he is cut off by the opening credits. Rukia goes to see Kisuke Urahara who appears to have adopted Ichigo's old soul reaper voice from episodes 1 and 2. Rukia delivers the "daffy duck" pez dispenser she got from Urahara to Ichigo. Here we meet Kon, substitute soul and part time surfer. he'd totally kill you for a Klondike bar, if you had one... before they can notice something is wrong Rukia gets a hollow report. meanwhile, Kisuke tries to figure out the meaning of defective after a long cooked lunch he finds out and decides he should do something useful. Kon decides to scope out some chicks in Ichigo's class. copping a feel or two, getting chairs thrown at him. Ichigo and Rukia return and Ichigo realizes that he is a handsome devil. Ichigo has moody teenage mood swings and Kon wants a sub series. Ichigo finds him and they go to waste each other....NEXT EPISODE!

eye catcher: original Bleach audio with a inappropriately placed censor.

Episode 7[]

"Like Falcon Kick"


Bleach Soma Ep. 7 -

Awwwwww how cuuuuuute. They're using maskiiiiiiing.

In the start of this episode we find Rukia giving a overdramatic and incorrect recap of the previous episode, suspense! Ichigo and Kon have an epic battle, Kon chickens out. a hollow attacks and Kon decides to save these kids who are rather stupid despite not knowing why. He comes in and starts fighting the hollow, in a series of copycat attacks Kon tricks the hollow into saying he is gay. as he is about to be attacked Ichigo comes in for his spotlight time, we find in this episode Ichigo is deathly afraid of the invisible robots and is convinced they are out to get us. Kon vanquishes the hollow who as he dies insists that he isn't gay. Kon recaps his life as a pill, Urahara offers he could help at the cost of Kon's soul. after trying a few times to knock Kon out of Ichigo's body he gets angry "one stick pokes all my ass.", after getting him out Urahara says he will eat Kon. Rukia takes it, saying if she bought it, she'd eat it. then figures she should give it to Ichigo. who has the brilliant idea of eating Kon while he is a soul and ends up naked...in the real world with MidnightDevont and TwilightChrono, MidnightDevont wanting to take naked pictures of him. in the conclusion of this episode, a sign tells Ichigo to put the pill in a doll and kick the crap out of it. also, Ichigo informs us tomorrow is the anniversary of his mom's death and tells Rukia to bring snacks.

eye catcher for this episode: Knife Fight-Lemon Demon and Sealed Sword Frenzy

Sidoh being told to go catch Rukia, even though he isn't sure why.

Episode 8[]

Hollow Busters Unite


Bleach Soma Ep. 8 Hollow Busters Unite!!

Sidoh, a character who only appears twice in the series, has more energy than Ichigo or Rukia. Anyone see something weird in that?

In this episode we start not with our hero's, but GrandFisher and other hollows, one of which named John having some kind of hollow meeting where it appears they are playing Go Fish. after the opening, Isshin is showboating and Karin is not amused. Rukia appears and Ichigo's sisters start with a closet joke which is cut off by saying it had been overdone. Ichigo tells them they are jealous they don't have a girl living in their closet and runs off with Rukia who discuss the food Ichigo told her to bring last episode. first telling her it was sick to bring food to a cemetery then asks what she brought. Rukia is curious how Ichigo's mom died and tries to bribe the information out of him with ham to no avail.

Episode 9[]

Memories in the rain


Bleach Soma Ep 9 - Memories in the Rain

Again; the extras have more personality than the lead roles. Confusing? Yes. Entertaining? Suprising, also yes.

Episode 10[]

A race of Gee--Quincy


Bleach Soma Ep. 10 - A race of Gee-... Quincy

Wait wait wait. Proper editing? Above-average SFX editing? Actual clever material? ... this is the same thing I was watching before, right?

Episode 11[]

"Kon Pinball no Jutsu"


Bleach Soma Ep. 11 - Kon Pinball No Jutsu!!!

I don't remember Bleach being in widescreen until like... episode 170. Shows what I know.

Episode 12[]

The one that was too long


Bleach Soma Ep. 12 - The one that was too long

See kids? Even if you're abysmally terrible, you can climb up the ladder just a little bit if you try.