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Character Bios from Bleach Soma Abridged.

Main Characters[]

Ichigo Kurosaki[]

Played by Semisoma01, and often acts as his representation. Ichigo Kurosaki is the main character of the anime. He was orginally voiced used Semisoma1's natural voice, but when said voice deepened Ichigo's voice changed slightly to confinsate. His voice also originally changed to Kisuke Urahara's current voice when he became a Soul Reaper, but that idea was ditched on episode 3. His intelligence gradually decreased over the first ten episodes, leaving him rather oblivious. As of episode 19, after the writing dramatically changed, he once again became intelligent and objective.

Gimmicks for his Character:

  • His abuse of the word "Whoosh", which is a constant joke for Semisoma1's main characters
  • His obsession and A.D.D.-esque behavior towards Butterflies
  • His claiming to have powers that relate to simple actions, like breaking walls or attacking.
  • His referencing Zangetsu as "Paul"
  • Claiming to have abilities he doesn't actually have, such as going Super Saiyan.
  • As of Episode 19, he utilizes a theme song; "Envy On The Coast - Sugar Skulls"

Rukia Kuchiki[]

Previously played by MidnightDevont, and often acted as her representation. Now she is played by Squeaky93. Rukia is the leading heroine of the series. Through the first season she spent most of her time acting somewhat spitefully at her mistreatment from the other characters of the series, and was beside Chad in being possibly the only sane character in the series for a long time. As a child she was "The Great Rukia", but was forced to give that up to join the Noble House of the Kuchikis. When imprisoned in Soul Society, she threw away being humble and started refering to herself as the Great Rukia again. She claims at one point that her Kido skills come from Hospital Dramas.

Gimmicks for her character:

  • Her obbsession with rabbits, taken from both the show and from MidnightDevont.
  • Her superior additude over other characters, after becoming the Great Rukia.
  • Seems to be a cronic liar.

Sado Chad[]

Played by Semisoma01. Chad acted as the most intelligent character in the series for a very long time, and still possibly is. In episode 2, he spoke with a hulk-like inflection, and in episode 4 still talked unintelligently. He gave that up mid-episode, and became one of the most observant and sane characters in the series. Despite his intelligence, he is not above feeling very proud when he does something right or lucky, or even when he kills something.

Gimmicks for his character:

  • He has an obbsession with naming things(He named the Paraket-Fluffy, and his arm was named Steve)
  • He occasionally weighs the intelligence of other characters, and weighs the importance of actions(such as how impressive he and Ishida were in DDR)
  • His attacks are mostly called "Houdoken", with adjectives attatched to emphasis the attack.

Orihime Inoue[]

Previously played by MidnightDevont. Is now played by Squeaky93. Orihime is comparativly the least intelligent of the show, as of yet, coming close to a few characters. Her character is generally oblivious to things going on around her or her situation, and she doesn't put much effort in unless it is nessesary. When her powers awakened, through pure force of mind she changed their attack chants to phrases involving Watermelons(or melons, as per the obvious reference).

Gimmicks involving her character:

  • Is obsessed with melons, and often uses "Melon!" as a response to questions or statements.
  • She tries to hit on every male character she is paired with, and is bluntly rejected with no apology each time.
  • Her characters sports an additude that tries to be so helpful it can border on obnoxious.

Uryu Ishida[]

Originally played by WingsofTwilight, who was taken out of the series. Played second by xLight09x, who quit shortly after episode 18's release. His third and current voice actor is Kirtro, Semisoma1's best friend and fellow lover of all things Dot Hack. His character is portrayed as being a quincy with the ability to break some of the walls holding up the series. He has the ability to hear the echoes that indicate character thoughts, and knows that all the characters are in an abridged series, saying Semisoma1's name directly as a controlling force, and talking about release time. He is a stalker who only stays with the team to stalk new people, and while being one of the more intelligent members of the group he is increadibly cynical and rude, and sometimes sarcastic.

Gimmicks involving his character:

  • His job as a stalker
  • His oblivious relationship with his abusive grandfather
  • His hatred of sock puppets.
  • His breifly mentioned love of novels about squirrels.

Renji Abarai[]

Played by Semisoma01. Probably the most controversial voice in the series. In episode two, during a cameo, his accent and voice were largely hated by most of the fanbase. When he later returned in the Sealed Sword Frenzy OVA and the Christmas special, his voice was received with far more welcome, and he has become a series favorite. His voice gives the impression of being increadibly stupid, but the truth of the matter is that he is simply increadibly sarcastic to the point of being oblivious. He displays no outward dislike for anyone in the series, except for Bounts. His Zanpakuto was renamed "The Elongated Sword Thingy", rather than Zabimaru. His voice as a child was that of a zampire, giving him a total of three voices(his adult normal one, his adult vampire one, and his child vampire one). Soul Society forced him to change his accent, and he found himself unable to change it back afterwords.

Gimmicks involving his character:

  • He resents his Bankai being called Fluffy, even in parts of the story where he doesn't know what it looks like.
  • He has a passionate dislike for sunflowers, for some in-explicable reason.
  • His voice was experiemented with in D.D.R., and fans demanded it be changed back. No one argued in the slightest.
  • He referes to himself as Pigion Man, and pigion noises.

Characters from the World of the Living[]

Isshin Kurosaki[]

Played by Semisoma01. He shows himself mostly as he does in the dub; energetic and intrusive. He lashes out at Ichigo and is often comically counter-attacked. Has shown no signs of weighable intelligence.

Gimmicks involving this character:

  • He hates whales for no given reason, and blames them for some of his short-comings. Like getting shot in the head by Renji.
  • Mispernounces the word "Spagetti" as "Spa-ghet-ha".

Yuzu Kurosaki[]

Played by Semisoma01. Ichigo's youngest sister. Apart from faint attempts at trying to be the voice of reason, she has no real role. Is the nicer of the two sisters.

Karin Kurosaki[]

Played by Semisoma01. Ichigo's older young sister. Apart from picking at other characters, especially Yuzu, she has no real role. Is the more cynical of the two sisters.

Misaki Kurosaki[]

Played by Semisoma01(for some ungodly reason). Inexplicably sounds somewhat like James from Poke'mon, except slightly more womanly. Was hit by a train driven by Grand Fisher. She has not appeared much apart from one flashback. Pity that.

Soken Ishida[]

Played by Semisoma01. Ishida's Grandfather, who only appeared in flashbacks apart from one fourth-wall-breaking moment in the sky. He is increadibly abusive to Ishida, and attempts to have him killed to get him out of his will, while Ishida is oblivious to his Grandfather's attempts to take his life. He was killed by four hollows he was trying to order around.

Gimmicks Involving This Characters:

  • Despite hating Ishida, he forces him to become a Quincy because he considers it "a race most honorable".
  • He makes up powers for Quincys to deceive his Grandson and have Ishida think he's stronger than he is.


Previously played by MidnightDevont. Currently played by BrookeLynn. Orihime's friend. Despite appearing breifly, she expressed great dislike for Orihime, considered her monumentally stupid, and poked the obvious sexual jokes at her. She also made a point of making a Death Note joke, about her potatoe chip. Seems to show more of an interest in Ichigo, in the abridged continuity.


Played by Semisoma01. A mod soul who accidentally got Ichigo's body. Rukia claims to have known him from the Manga, and his soul pill seems to be able to break the fourth wall if eaten by a spirit. His presence almost seems to decimate the fourth wall just by him being involved. He has a desire to start his own show, called "The Yotally Radical Adventures of Kon and, Like, Stuff.". This will more than likely never happened. Ever.

Gimmicks Involving This Character:

  • He talks with a surfur accent, for no adequately explained reason(Or rather; "why not?")
  • He is as lecherous in the abridged series as in the real series, but it's implied that he actually felt up and possibly violated some of the high-school girls. Chizuru was NOT impressed. Orihime was convinced they all liked it.

Kisuke Urahara[]

Played by Semisoma01. He takes great enjoyment in poking at and harassing other characters in the series, to the point where his common nickname is "Jackass". His Zanpakuto hasn't been elaborated on, either in name or ability. Urahara expresses the desire to sell things from his shop that he doesn't want to people who aren't buying regular merchanidise. He trained Ichigo back to becoming a Soul Reaper, and was the first to propose that Rukia and Ichigo were dating. It is entirely possible that Ichigo's Soul Reaper training was just a ploy to entertain himself by torturing and killing Ichigo.

Gimmicks involving his character:

  • He inherited Ichigo's original Soul Reaper voice, but denies this fact.
  • He doesn't know how to read japanese very well, and his vocabulary isn't very large. He makes up for this by buying and memorizing a thesarous.
  • He seems to make it his sole mission to get under the skin of every character he knows and interacts with, especially Ichigo. Or at least it seems that way.


Previously played by Semisoma01. Now played by SakuraChant. Hasn't done anything credible except for argue with Jinta and breifly fight Ichigo. And win, one should add.


Played by Semisoma01. Has done nothing important except express a strong interest in card games, show being easily annoyed, and pick on Ururu. Has only appeared, voiced, in one episode.


Previously played by Semisoma01. Now played by LordQuadros. Acts as Kisuke's helper, even defining words and helping with training. Has done nothing overly important as of yet, apart from show he enjoys picking on Ichigo as much as Urahara(he tried to crush him under a giant box... thing).


Voiced previously by WhipofAlchemy and, CanadianJustus. Now voiced by LordQuadros and Squeaky93. When she is a male, she is calm and collected. When female, she acts more rashly, and lets on to her sexuality a bit more strongly(in the Diamond Dust Rebellion she shows up late because she and Soifon were having sex at Urahara's shop. So Soifon claims), but denies with when she is actually accused of anything, calmly dismissing the idea that it happened. She enjoys teasing Soifon by saying she loves her, but takes it back, possibly showing that she's using her solely for sex(so Soifon thinks) and otherwise to torment her like Urahara torments Ichigo.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • Her character acts somewhat dumb-struck at times when in human form, and lets things casually slip her mind.
  • While being canonicly married to Urahara, she shows no interest in him in the slightest. Her character appears as a very self-concious in-the-closet lesbian, though this fact is purely for Semisoma01's entertainment(written before his and Midnight's relationship) and may waver at times to suit the situation.

Characters in Soul Society[]

Ganju Shiba[]

Previously played by CanadianJutsu, then breifly played by Semisoma01 to cover two lines, but intended to be played by LordQuadros currently. Originally met through uncertain means(the power of cheating), Ganju has followed the group since episode 13. He and Ichigo are constantly at odds, argueing over stupid matters. Ganju is quite likely on exactly the same level of intelligent and obliviousness as pre-episode 19 Ichigo. He typicalls uses fireworks and "Shiba Style" techniques, and names his abilities after things they don't actually apply to.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • His character sports a Hilly-billy accent, which was a total accident. It simply happened, and the writers stayed with it and based his character off of it.
  • He expresses a desire to use Hanataro as an emergency food supply, and defends this by saying "I'm just SAYIN' it's an OPTION!"

Kukaku Shiba[]

Originally played by MidnightDevont. Currently played by WhipOfAlchemy She was met in the same way as Ganju. Kukaku is played with a transylvanian accent, and is short-tempered. No real gimmicks have formed for her character, other than her feeling that only she should be allows to wear Kamina glasses in her house. She, like most other older spirit-based characters, seems to enjoy picking on Ichigo and the crew.


Originally played by CanadianJutsu. Now played by LordQuadros. He was not elaborated on very much. He comes across as a large, stupid, and easily amused brute who referes to himself in the third person. Chad quotes that he may be the only thing less intelligent than Orihime.

Soul Reapers in the Thirteeen Court Guard Squads[]


Originally played by Semisoma01. Now played by LordQuadros. Yamamoto comes across as an old, senial man. His voice and speaking style are based off a Bill Clinton. He has had no real character development yet.

Gimmicks involving this character:

  • He acts as if he is senial, almost blind, and a moron. This may be the case.


Played by Semisoma01. He acts as Kyoraku's straight man. He is constantly hitting on Nanoe, and trying to win her heart. He resents Kyoraku, despite being his best friend, and wants him killed so that Nanoe will go on the rebound.

Gimmicks Involving This Character:

  • In any situation invovling Nanoe, he is prone to asking her if she's on the rebound.
  • Has seems to have little actual concern for Soul Societies protocol.
  • His Zanpakuto is called "Fishing Pole Swords", and has no release phrase as of yet.
  • His theme song is "Down With The Sickness", by Disturbed. This song casually plays when he released his Zanpakuto's Shikai, starting from the first "Auh-A-A-A-A!"


Played by Semisoma01. He acts as a comedian to both Nanoe and Ukitake. He acts and talks like a spanish samurai, and has rather sexist opinions towards Nanoe, despite them being an item. He puts a lot of emphasis on "Dramatic Samurai Tension", and speaks increadibly sarcasticly and lazily in every and all situations. He also loves to stress that he is both a samurai and Japanese.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • When he is casually on screen, "Japanesq" from the Diamond Dust Rebellion OST plays in the background.


Previously played by MidnightDevont. Now played by BrookeLynn. She is played with a British accent, and acts as Kyoraku's second straight man, though she is there more commonly. She expresses great unconcern for Kyoraku whenever he is around, and abuses him verbally and physically. Whenever he is hurt, however(such as in the Diamond Dust Rebellion), she breaks down and cries. She promptly rejects every advance Ukitake makes on her.


Played by Semisoma01(despite most people having thought it was MidnightDevont). Soifon has appeared very little in the series(mostly in the Diamond Dust Rebellion, to date), but her appearances have all be greatly accepted by fans. She doesn't overly express her lesbian attraction to Yoruichi commonly, but in cases where Yoruichi denies it she gets defensive(such as after they both allegedly had sex in The Diamond Dust Rebellion, and Yoruichi denied it happening) and single-minded. Despite her character being easily written off as a gay joke, lengths have been taken to assure she has dimensions other than that, mostly focusing on her status as head of the stealth squad and thus a "Ninja".

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • Her Shunpo, like Yoruichi's, has the theme song "Phenomenon", by Thousand Foot Crutch.
  • She often talks about "The Time of the Ninja", which is her way of saying battle, or the climax of a battle.
  • When fighting, she says "The time of the ninja is coming" when striking first with her Zanpakuto, and "The time of the ninja has arrived" when she strikes the second, killing blow.

Gin Ichimaru[]

Played by Semisoma01. Gin goes out of his way to convince all characters in the series that he's evil. Semisoma scripted him as being a fanboy of MidnightDevont for her amusement during his first appearances, but due to timing, setting, and context among other reasons he hasn't been written that way since. He and Aizen make a point of accusing himself and Hitsugaya of being very evil, often overstating the point.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • Gin makes a point of telling the audience to leave the theater at the end of every movie and OVA, claiming it's his and they need to leave.
  • Gin uses the word "evil" to replace every possible adjective he can without destroying the context of his sentences.
  • Gin is likely Semisoma01's favorite character to voice, in terms of vocal energy.

Izuru Kira[]

Played by Semisoma01. While being new in the series, Kira's character is somewhat established. He has a fondness for explaining his Zanpakuto's ability, and is aware that he does it a lot in the series. He seems to be incredibly level-headed and neutral, but has no sense of when to tell jokes and when not to(such as quoting "I AM Kira!" when being attacking by Hinamori Momo).

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • Semsoma1 enjoys playing Kira a lot due to how unique his voice for him is, and his voice has branched out to characters in other series, even playing Kira with it in short fandubs.
  • Kira's Zanpakuto and its abilities remain consistent with the canon storyline, apart from it's release phrase ("Crook your head and kneel before me, Wabisuke!")

Sousuke Aizen[]

Played by Semisoma01. Aizen's character is based off the Dragon Ball Z narrator, which is illustrated by his voice and speaking habits. He goes out of his way to point out that Gin is evil, and that he himself is good. When he died, he decided to narrate his own death and claim it was "an automated voice recording". He seems disgusted by the prospect of dating Hinamori, and addresses her typically as "Young Manipulatable Girl", and calls her advances "not-creepy".

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • He typically starts sentences with "Next time", "This time", or 'Last time".
  • He expressed annoyance at not narrating Ichigo and the groups entrance into Soul Society in time before they exploded and flew in different directions.
  • He not's evil. Honestly he's not. He's totally good.Gin is evil. Like Sauron.

Momo Hinamori[]

Previously played by MidnightDevont. Will either be played by BrookeLynn or EmmaLee. Momo's character hasn't been fully explored, and only appeared breifly. She has a stalker-like fixation on Aizen, wanting to seduce him(ineffectivly) and sleep with him. She made it as far as his room, on the floor, before he died. She threw a fit when he died, attacked Kira, and since has been locked up in a holding cell.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • Her Zanpakuto's release is "I'M A CHARGIN' MY LAZERS!", and it's name is "Gunblade".
  • She has unrelenting trust and dedication to Aizen.

Byakuya Kuchki[]

Played by Semisoma01. Byakuya's voice is a deeper, almost robotic voice; hardly any emotion or inflection. He apparantly has interests in gardening(based on an old Christmas special's script), and enjoys seeing Renji be beat up. He is apathetic towards team-mates being destroyed(he has no feelings towards a fictional extra being blown to smitherens), and claims that he finds Ichigo "Tacky, and I hate you.". His is one of few Zanpakutoe that retain their original name; Senbonzakura.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • Byakuya has a love of gardening
  • He is one of the most, if not the most, cynical characters in BSA.

Mayuri Kurosutchi[]

Played by Semisoma01. Mayuri hasn't been delved into very deeply. He seems to be a fan of Pirates of the Carribbian, and is easily distracted by data and numbers. He seems to dislike information being withheld, and has no sense of boundaries when it comes to human life and treatment.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • He seems to have an almost fetish-like love for turning Nemu's internal organs into Jello.
  • More than one character calls him "Mayuri-Nye-The-Science-Guy", which he hasn't expressed any great dislike to(so far).


Previously played by MidnightDevont. Currently played by Squeaky93. She is deviod of most personality, beyond faints and fruitless attempts to hold Mayuri back when he is overstepping his boundaries. She talks in a depressed tone, most of the time.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • She has a rational fear of being turned into Jello and consequently having "Being Jiggly".

Toshiro Hitsugaya[]

Played by Semisoma01. Hitsugaya's character is possibly the most popular in Bleach Soma Abridged, tieing with a couple other characters. He talks like a mixture of Stitch and Golem, with a twist that Semisoma01 added to the voice. He typically acts with anger towards all other characters, being short-tempered and annoyed at everything, sometimes even being hypocritical in telling people to grow up. His mission is to stop Gin from acheiving his goal, and will do anything to stop him. In DDR, Hitsugaya became a rogue and betrayed Soul Society, becoming a "Jedi".

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • His Zanpakuto is "Masamune", and it's shikai is released with the phrase "Bring forth the music, Masamune!". When released, the KH version of "One-winged angel" plays. He also refered to the ice dragon as "Leviathen", once.
  • His Bankai is "Giant Ice Dragon", and it is released by either the phrase "Bankai", or "Bring forth the song, Ice Dragon Thing!". After being released into Bankai, a full and powerful version of "One-Winged Angel" plays(the version from ACC being the common one). Once in Bankai, he often goes back to calling it Masamune.
  • His Spirit beast is Shenron.
  • Originally, it was a running gag that he calls everyone a jackass, since his character was partially based off a Oscar Leroy from Corner Gas.
  • His nickname is "The One-Winged Soul Reaper". Outside of dialouge, Yami also called himself this to spite Hitsugaya.

Rangiku Matsumoto[]

Played originally by WhiteAsh, then by Scarlotte.Matsumoto's character hasn't been elaborated on very heavily. She is depicted as being rather intelligent when Hitsugaya isn't around, but stupid when he is.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • During DDR, people started noticing that Matsumoto was a woman, and Renji was hitting on her until she acted clingy.
  • During DDR, some rather disturbing jokes were made about Matsumoto, such as about "The peanut butter trick" and "The parrot thing"
  • She finds her Zanpakuteo stupid.

Kenpachi Zaraki[]

Played by Semisoma01. Kenpachi is possibly the most popular character in BSA, due to fans adoring him for things as simple as his "contagious" laugh. His character is portrayed as increadibly light-hearted, never taking anything seriously and joking about basicly everything. As with his dub, he loves fighting, but doesn't share the love of killing that it does; he simply loves running in headstrong. His theme song, "Ready to Die", was given to him at MidnightDevont's suggestion when it played perfectly beside him at the end of The Sealed Sword Frenzy(his first appearance). Despite saying that his sword once belonged to Sephiroth, he doesn't mention it's name. This is so he doesn't retcon Hitsugaya using Masamune. He seems to have a slight dislike for Byakuya, since he egged his house with Gin after he and Byakuya had a starring contest.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • When he appears on screen in a fast motion, he typically quotes "Kenpachi has ARRIIIIIIIVED!!". This was his first line, from his first appearance.
  • His character has a huge fondness for using Limit Breaks from FFVII, typically Cloud Strife's. He claims he can do them because of his sword.
  • He has an obsession with chasing and catching trains. This may be linked to his reveal that his Mother was a train.
  • His laugh seems to constitute a joke. Semisoma01 has no idea why, but goes with it.
  • His theme song is "Ready to Die" by Andrew W.K. It plays when he is excuding immense amounts of Spiritual preassure, or fighting savagely. Other Andrew W.K. songs tend to play for him, as he does various actions, but this is uncommon.
  • He likes to pick at other characters. In example cases, he started a staring contest with Byakuya, and also insults Gin for being evil.
  • Has a "Tommy Oliver" barrier, and makes obscure references to Tommy Oliver commonly while fighting Ichigo.
  • Seems to have no respect for the fourth wall, since he talks about how long the series has been going, and even knows that Johhny Yong Bosch, Ichigo's english voice actor, was the second black power ranger. He also seems to have knowledge of Warner Brother's characters, as seen in SSF.

Madarame Ikkaku[]

Played by Semisoma01. Ikkaku talks in a medium, increadibly thraoty voice. He hangs out with Yumichika. As with the rest of Squad 11, he calls anime "Manime", and refuses to use the Japanese words like "ryoka". He has a love for dancing, and flips out when his enemy(Ichigo) doesn't like his dancing. He has the same love of fighting as all members of Squad 11, but seems to have some respect for property damage, since he claims "It's the Soul Society tax payers that have to pay for that". He picks at absolutely every flaw in the characters he meets, and mocks them if he's more prepared than them for battle. Like all Squad 11 members, he has a theme song by Andrew W.K.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • Calls his Zanpakuto "Mega Bamboo Stick", despite almost calling it "Elongated Spear Thingy". It's release phrase is "Extend".
  • Ends every sentence with "Yo". In his first episode, he said "yo" 51 times, as counted by fans and confirmed by CanadianJutsu making a tally video with a counter.
  • His theme song is "You Will Remember Tonight", by Andrew W.K.


Played by Semisoma01. Yamichika's role in the series borders on minor. He talks like James, from Poke'mon, and while not confirming it, makes no attempt to throw off accusations of being gay. He is increadibly insulting, calling Ganju's hairstyle and eye-brows by animal names. He shares all of Squad 11's traits, such as their sentiments towards Japanese words, "manime", and having a theme song. He is very easily frustrated.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • While having a theme song, it didn't play because he didn't get extremely into fighting Ganju.
  • His Zanpakuto's release phrase is "Bloom for me", and it's name is "Incorrect sword name". An obvious reference to the anime.


Previously played by MidnightDevont. Currently played by Squeaky93 Yachiru hasn't played a very large role, but her reception is the generally the same as Kenpachi's; people love her just being there. She likely shares the same policies as all characters in Squad 11, but hasn't gotten a chance to show them. Her role has been primarily to bounce off of Kenpachi, making his role more apparant and having him do the same for her. She points out how weak people are in comparison to him. She doesn't seem to understand the idea of Kenpachi losing to Ichigo, and congratulates him on acting like he lose convincingly.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • She likely has a theme song, but hans't gotten a chance to release it or use it yet.
  • BSA calls her "Yichiru", rather than "Yachiru". There doesn't appear to be a real reason for this.

Hanataro Yamata[]

Played by Semisoma01. Hanataro is typically a cute, easily worried character. Originally he was voiced with a high, nassaly voice in The Sealed Sword Frenzy, but on his next appearance in the main series' episode 15, he was voiced with a voice much more similar to his actual dub, and was more beleivable. He has been stripped of most of his character, but tags along because he wants to save Rukia from Soul Society.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • He is awe-inspired by Rukia's "Great Rukia" persona, and was the one who accidentally fueled it back to life by feeding it and praising her stories.
  • Ganju wants to use Hanataro as a back-up food supply. Hanataro doesn't seem to be afraid of this, after its first mention.

Hisagi Shunsui[]

Played by Semisoma01. Originally voiced as if he was a random extra in Diamond Dust Rebellion, his voice is subject to possible change when he appears in the main story. Apart from stealing a lot of Ichigo's jokes, such as whoosh, and using his techniques as if they were from Naruto(example: "Ninja Art, Power Pole No Jutsu" in Diamond Dust Rebellion), his character doesn't have much build. He appears to think Izuru Kira is an idiot.

Super Sidoh Man[]

Played by Semisoma01. Sidoh's entrance into the series was what began it's uplifting to a higher level of quality, and almost got BSA episode 8 voted the "Best New Episode" of the summer of '08, of all abridged series, in the T.A.C. awards. He portrays himself as a Super Hero named "Super Sidoh Man", and claims he took Super Hero Classes in Soul Society. He says he has left Soul Society and is working on his own to bring the world to a state of peace and justice. His catchphrase is "Saving the world, one child at a time, LEAPING from rainbow to mountain!", after which he sticks random speeches about good and justice, finally ending with "I AM SUPER SIDOH MAN!". He also added, once, "I. AM" CANADIAAAN!" as an omage to Molsen Canadian's catchphrase(despite Semisoma01 and MidnightDevont being anti-alchoholics). He unofficially dubbed Ichigo "Super Sidoh Boy", and wants to join the Hollow Busters. Despite obvious mental issues, he actually appears to be very intelligent and logical.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • His theme song, during his longer speeches, is "Sweet Victory", as seen in SpongeBob Squarepants.
  • His voiced gains a mysterious echo when he is talking loudly or heroicly.

Misc. Hollows[]

Hollows that have appeared, named or unnamed, that deserve any sort of synopsis.

"The Episode 1 Hollow"[]

Played by Semisoma01. Voiced with a deep, soft and completely unthreatening voice. A character that returns in specials, and got a second chance at existing in the redux of episode 1. Original was obsessed with eating Semisoma01's voice, in the original episode. In the redux, he gained a much more impressive goal; to simply eat people. Semisoma01 and MidnightDevont refered to him often as "The Episode 1 Hollow" as if it was his name.

Orihime's Brother[]

Played by WingsOfTwilight, when he was part of the series. This characters audio was almost impossible to hear. He contradicted the normal hollow in that he acted courteously, and actually only tried to kill Ichigo when Ichigo started an arguement that annoyed him. Referes to Orihime as "Orty", as everyone did at that point. Has never appeared again.


Played by Semisoma01. In the dub, he had no voice or role. Ted is one of a few hollows who appear as shadows with Grand Fisher. In BSA, he was given a voice and identity; he is a member of the Hollow Buster Busters who speaks with a high, british voice and is the intelligent one of the group(Grand Fisher, John and himself). His relationship with John has been cautiously tip-toed around.


Played by Semisoma01. Like Ted, had no role in the dub and was a shadow. He speaks with a stupid, almost dog-like voice. Like Ted, he is a member of the Hollow Buster Busters. He is the stupid one of the group, just below Grand Fisher. His relationship with Ted has been cautiously tip-toed around.

Grand Fisher[]

Voiced by Semisoma01. He is voiced like Cookie Monster, but originally had "The Episode 1 Hollow"'s voice until episode 9. As a complete contradiction to the dub, he is a very nice guy trying to make friends with Ichigo's family, Rukia, and Ichigo himself. He claims he accidentally killed Ichigo's Mother when she wandered onto the train tracks where he was driving a train, and it wasn't his fault. The only reason that people find him dangerous is because he has violent mood swings where he becomes irrationally violent for a few seconds at a time, then apoligizes, and is also obsessive over his friends. He claims he is getting therapy for this. Grand Fisher is bluntly aware of how much fangirls don't like him.

Menos Grande'[]

Voice by Semisoma01. Voiced in a deep, stupid and slow voice. Menos Grande' wants everyone to be it's friend, and is actually completely harmless unless attacked. Unfourtunately Ichigo is a twit and attacked it. It is safe to assume all Menos Grande' act this way.



Voiced by Semisoma01. Grimmjow represents the part of the fanbase that is impatient and won't wait for episodes. He lashes out at Szayel often due to possible homophobia, or just finding him creepy.


Voiced by Semisoma01. Ulquiorra represents the cool, logical, patient part of the fanbase. He is laid back and apathetic, getting along with every Espada and apparantly with Aizen.


Voiced previously by MidnightDevont. Harribel represents the depressed, emotional part of the fanbase that takes the series far too personally. She is depressed and sad constantly, and feels left out of everything the espada do. She doesn't care for living very much.


Voiced previously by CanadianJutsu. Currently no voice(s) are chosen to pick him up. Arreniero represents the rmour-spreading, two-faced part of the fanbase.


Voiced previously by CanadianJutsu. Likely going to be picked up by Semsioma01. Szayel is flamboyant, outgoing, energetic and a little dim. He represents that exact part of the fanbase; the fetish-like lovers of the eccentric.


Voiced by ChicknWings. . He has a love of killing things, and represents the part of the fanbase that's quick to flag and attack others.


Has not appeared yet. Will likely be voiced by Semisoma01.


Has not appeared yet. Will likely be voiced by Semisoma01 or LordQuadros


Has not appeared yet. Will likely be voiced by Semisoma01.


Has not appeared yet. Will likely be voiced by Chicknwings or LordQuadros


Has not appeared yet. Will likely be voiced by Chicknwings or LordQuadros.

Zanpakutoe and Hollow Spirits[]


Voiced by Semisoma01. Zangetsu made his debut in a Christmas special in the first year of BSA. His voice at the time was nothing but a voice filter, but after Semisoma01 grew to resent voice filters gave Zangetsu a more realistic voice on his next appearance; episode 12. Zangetsu appears to be increadibly intelligent compared to most pre-episode 19 characters of the series. He talks in a gruff, low voice and inflects like a calm rapper, refering to Ichigo as "dog", and Ogihci as "cracka'". He is constantly talking down to Ogihci, albeit passively. In episode 19 he revealed to Ichigo that he has a theme song; "Envy In The Coast - Sugar Skulls", that could be used to tap into his full power. He has a habit of knowing exactly how to win in a situation, and will quickly point out when Ichigo's being stupid and not using power, like not going Bankai in D.D.R.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • He talks like a calm rapper
  • Utilizes a theme song to draw out his full power.


Voiced by Semisoma01. Some fans beleive that the voice is entirely a voice filter, so this is being updated with the acheivment; real voice, with a slight flanger effect. Simple enough. Ogihci made his first appearance during the Abridged War, where he appeared to Semisoma01(making Semisoma01 appear as Ichigo) and told him to give into his subscribe-hungry side. He was ultimately defeated. His next appearance was in episode 12, appearing just slightly before he really could have existed. Since then he has had dramatic one-liners against Ichigo, often being retaliated at with the reasoning that he doesn't exist. In episode 19 he tried to "take the series" away from Semisoma01, to make fun of the one-year jump between episode 18 and 19. He was brushed off, but swore to return to take Ichigo's power during the opening credits.

Gimmicks Involved With This Character:

  • Ichigo adamantly beleives that Ogihci doesn't exist, and says so almost every time he appears. He does, on one occasion, make a reference to him to Zangetsu though.
  • He is another character who decimates the 4th wall, as he claims to want to steal not only Ichigo's powers, but Semisoma01's subscribers and influence.