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Midnight Devont


10/28/2007 - July 2010


19 episodes
1 complete movie (8 parts)
1 incomplete movie (3/5 parts


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Bleach Soma Abridged was originally created by Semisoma1 and MidnightDevont back in October 2007. Semisoma1 pitched the idea of making a Bleach Abridged Series to MidnightDevont (MidnightSohma at the time, before her acount was banned), and they quickly began to work on a trailer. It was released on October 20th of the same year, and the series has had a steady flow of episode releases ever since. Their current video count is 19 series episodes, the complete DDR (Diamond Dust Rebellion) movie and the 1st OVA, The Sealed Sword Frenzy. On July 23, 2009, Semisoma1 made an announcement that Bleach soma Abridged will be closed until further notice or indefinitely. He requested that people not probe into his reason. but made a short return with episode 19 being released in summer of 2010 after large casting and production changes.

The "Soma", in Bleach Soma Abridged[]

The word "Soma"(Soh-ma), is in the title because Semisoma1 wanted to give search engines something unique to search out when people looked for the series. Removing it has been considered several times, but in the end it has been left as it is due to the sole fact that there is no good reason to change it.


Bleach Soma Abridged has always been written and edited by Semisoma1, always using Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0. No other programs are involved with the general editing of sound, or images, apart from Paint being used to create some props for the Christmas special. All recording by Semisoma1 was done on APE 4, and MidnightDevont on WMM, until both switched to Audacity. Later both started recording together over Skype using a recording program called Pamela.

Production for Episode 19[]

After the return after a year of "indefinitely quitting"( In other words, Episode 19 and up), the editing was generally the same with few exceptions;

  • Semisoma01 now used Wavepad for audio recording, and for sound FX effect editing.
  • LordQuadros records on Wavepad, as has always been done.
  • Squeaky93 records on Audacity.
  • It was unknown what BrookeLynn and Dco257 used for recording
  • Since frame-by-frame lip flap editing was taken up past this point, and the captured lip flap frames have to sometimes be edited, Paint is used to edit the frames while Adobe Premier Elements 4.0 is used to capture and save them.


  1. D-Technolife
  2. Hollow Busters
  3. Alones
  4. You'll Never Stop Bleach Abridged
  5. Just Bleach



Season 1[]


Bleach Soma Ep. 19

The Last Episode of Bleach Soma Abridged, covering up to episode 40 of Bleach.

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - A new Reaper

Episode 1 Redux - A Shinigami is born

Oct 28, 2007


Episode 2 - Taking Responsibility Nov 3, 2007
Episode 3 - Brotherly Love Jan 1, 2008
Episode 4 - The Kind Giant Feb 13, 2008
Episode 5 - To kill a mockingbirds hollow N/A
Episode 6 - The Mod Soul N/A
Episode 7 - "Like Falcon Kick" N/A
Episode 8 - Hollow Busters Unite N/A
Episode 9 - Memories in the rain N/A
Episode 10 - A race of Gee--Quincy Sep 27, 2008
Episode 11 - "Kon Pinball no Jutsu" N/A
Episode 12 - The one that was too long N/A

Season 2[]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 13 - Invasion of Soul Society. The Power of Cheating Unleashed!! N/A
Episode 14 - Everybody Dance, Yo! N/A
Episode 15 - The Great Rukia is Born! N/A
Episode 16 - You're All Gonna Hate Me Now N/A
Episode 17 - This Has Been an Automated Voice Recording Jun 19, 2009
Episode 18 - Kenpachi Has Arrived June 26, 2009
Episode 19 - You Better Get Ready to Sugar Skull July 2010

Diamond Dust Rebellion[]

Memories of Nobody[]

Common Themes[]

Bleach Soma Abridged Characters[]

  • Mostly every character has a fixation (whether it be a hate or an obsession) with a certain thing, item or person. For Ichigo, it's butterflies. For Renji, it's his hate of sunflowers. For Rukia, it's juice boxes. For Kenpachi, it's trains. So on and so forth.

The Fourth Wall[]

The characters all seem bluntly unaware of the outside world, YouTube, and the fact that they're in a series(apart from the espada). However, there are times when the characters inexplicably gain this knowledge, only to lose it shortly after. Characters like Kon and Ishida seem to maintain constant knowledge of the fourth wall and the series, though.


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