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08/20/2010 - present




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Episode 11

Ichigo Kurosaki, your average schizophrenic high school student (who can also see ghosts) meets the soul reaper Rukia, who transfers to him her shinigami powers and responsibility to kill hollows (aka. malevolent spirits of homosexuality). Ichigo views this responsibility as a chance to be an awesome hero, and would rather kill hollows all day than go to school. Ichigo and Rukia are often joined by the epic-voiced, soul devouring hell butterfly, Asteroth, who screws with Ichigo for his own amusement.


Episodes were originally hosted on Omnibeneficial's channel on youtube. When episode 8 was taken down, he reposted a version with a bordered edge and an announcement at the end that due to being unable to counter strikes on his account, the best way to follow his Bleach abridged series would be to check the official Omnibeneficial Bleach Abridged facebook page.

As of February 2011, episodes 1-10 have been available on Omnibeneficial's dailymotion account. The most recent episode, Episode 11, was released on ThroneofCipher's Youtube account.


Episodes are written by Omnibeneficial up to Episode 10, which was co-written by xbubblemunkyx (one of the other co-creators of Supernatural the Animation Abridged).

RADMANDelux was responsible for creating original artwork and animation in the series, including high-definition hell butterfly sprites (from episode 7 onwards), the animation segment in episode 9, and Chad's backstory pictures in episode 10. Other artists credited with producing artwork are sparklepinkpixie for the artwork of Renji in episode 9, and Swansgaar for the ending credits picture in episode 10.

The song played over the opening title sequence is a segment of Shimi by Maximum the Hormone.



Asteroth: (Hell Butterfly and Crown Prince of Hell)

  • Omnibeneficial - Ichigo, Rukia, Asteroth, Chad, Orihime, Kenpachi, Byakuya, Renji, Yamamoto, most side characters and extras
  • TheDeathWombat - Uryu Ishida, Xaphan
  • ThroneofCipher - Saido (ep. 8)
  • Hanbark1110 - Aizen (ep. 8)
  • Owlpasta - Sode no Shirayuki (ep. 9)
  • <Unknown Voice Actors> - Soi Fon, Hitsugaya, Jez

Episode List[]

Season 1[]

Bleach Omni title block

Season 1 Titleblock

Episodes 1-10 cover the entire pre-Soul Society arc of the Bleach anime.

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 - Surprised to be Dead Aug 20th, 2010
Episode 2 - The Good The Bad And The Gaaaay Sep 18th, 2010
Episode 3 - Keep the Beats! Sep 29th, 2010
Episode 4 - Coin Hogging Android of Destruction Oct 11th, 2010
Episode 5 - Big Hollow On The Summit Nov 7th, 2010
Episode 6 - The Butterfly Effect Nov 23rd, 2010
Episode 7 - Fifty First Dates Jan 7th, 2011
Episode 8 - Revenge and the Ninja Apr 16th, 2011
Episode 9 - The Zanpakuto Cooperation Nov 25th, 2011
Episode 10 - Hard Candy Jul 7th, 2012

Season 2[]

Episode Air Date
Episode 11 - Knockin On Heavens Door Jan 22, 2014

Running Gags[]

  • Rukia was known as Ruki-AAAAAh! at Shinigami Academy. She is very not a virgin.
  • Ichigo tends to have hallucinations because of his schizophrenia.
  • He also insists on calling Rukia “Botan” (a reference to one of the many anime he enjoys)
  • Isshin Kurosaki is an excessively abusive parent.
  • All Hollows are gay (examined in detail with imagery from the show. And a Spice Girls song parody)
  • Renji is the laughingstock of the Gotei 13 with stalker tendencies towards Rukia
  • Hell butterflies have a much larger role in this series. They can possess human bodies and are also kindof overpowered.
  • Chad is a coin-operated android
  • Abuse of Rukia’s memory-replacing device
  • Orihime can use her healing powers by invoking series where healing powers are incredibly broken (i.e. "NO! Dragon Ball Z!", "NO! Supernatural!", "NO! True Blood!")
  • Captain Yamamoto seems to be going senile. He calls together the Gotei 13 Captains for reasons such as planning parties and assigning them all new "rapper names".
  • See: TvTropes Page


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