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Episode 2: Big Boobs and Big Brothers
Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 11/1/2012
Length 6:59
Created by Jamiethecomic
Written & Mixed by Jamiethecomic
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The first episode of Bleach Fandubridge follows episode 2 + 3 of the original anime.


  • Ichigo Kurosaki: Jamiethecomic
  • Rukia Kuchiki: ebiichigo:)
  • Orihime Inoue: Pinkshuchan
  • Everyone else: Jamiethecomic


  • Video: Bleach, Family Guy (charcter image only) Tom and Jerry (Audio Only)
  • Music: Bleach OST, Chris Daughtry - "What I Want", Sonic Generations OST - "Escape from the City - Classic Remix"
  • Sound Fx: Soundjay.com, sounddog.com, Various - SELF


This episode introduces Chad (played by Jamiethecomic in the style of Arnold Schwarzenegger) and Orihime Inoue (played by Pinkshuchan).

First episode to be removed due to a copyright claim.

Copyright Infringement[]

This is the first time one of Fandubridge's videos have been removed. The video at the time gained 200+ views with a few hours of it's upload, but a copy right claim made by TV Tokyo had the video removed.

A subscriber commented on the trailer video made for episode 2 saying; "You said the 11th.... its the 13th", to which Jamie replied, "I did... and I deleiverd... but after 3 hours and (believe it or not) 200+ views it was taken down for copyright. It might be up in 10-12 days (according to YouTube) after I made a "fair-use" appeal. If it's not I will provid a link to another place where I uploaded it and can be viewed but I may end up just making this channel a trailer channel to link to other sites... but hopefully TV Tokyo won't sue me (as stated in YouTube's T&S) so I can keep nuploading them here.

Once Jamie realised that his video was taken down, he went onto his twitter and facebook page jokingly saying; "Well I'm an official Abridger... sent in my first copyright fair use claim :P"