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Bleach Fandubridge
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12/02/2011 - present




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Bleach Fandubridge is the first abridged series created by Jamiethecomic. It began in December 2011 and continues to this day.

Jamiethecomic has stated why he has named the show Bleach Fandubridge rather than Bleach The Abriged Series; "There are two reasons why this series is Called Fandubridge rather than Abridged Series. The first one being, I knew I wanted to make an abridged series but wasn't sure what to make one from. Even though I knew I was choosing an anime that had been done many times before, it was the best option for me to play around with. So I chose Bleach, but needed an original idea. So I decided to make it shorter and funnier (abridging) but also keep it epic and true to the oringal material, almost like a Fandub. The second reason was just simply to make my title unique, making it easy to find."


  • Jamiethecomic
  • ebiichigo:)
  • MeroMeroSaharade
  • Pinkshuchan
  • bigmanizbkagainyo3

Episode List[]

Season 1[]

Image Episode Air Date
Ep 2 screen shot.jpg
Episode 1
A D**k is Born
Dec 2, 2011
Ep 1 screen shot.jpg
Episode 2
Big Boobs and Big Brothers
Jan 11, 2012
Ep 3 screen shot.jpg
Episode 3
Feb 11, 2012
Episode 4 SS.jpg
Episode 4
Epic of Epic EPICNESS!
Mar 11, 2012


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