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Bleach Abridged: NAClO
Created by QuincyClass
Run 2014-


Bleach Abridged: NAClO is the title to QuincyClass's abridged series that is based on the Bleach anime. It is an ongoing parody created in 2014 that features Ryuuken Ishida and Isshin Kurosaki as hosts of a show called the Isshin and Ryuuken Show, who talk about every day problems both Soul Reapers and Quincies have.

The series respectfully follows the original plot of Bleach, but with a breakdown of each episode. On each new episode, a popular topic is discussed. Either Ryuuken or Isshin considers the said topic and shows a video montage on Ryuuken's television (as seen in Quincy Encyclopedia). The topic relates to the latter characters.


References to the Original Characters: All of the characters featured in the abridged series have their original personalities and characteristics that are pin-pointed and heavily induced. This means that their advantages and disadvantages as a character are commonly humored. An example would be how Ryuuken detests his status as a Quincy and regards his son Uryu Ishida as a Quincy with "no talent".

NAClO Theme Song:

On the Pilot Episode (for humorous intent) the theme song is "Hey Beautiful" by The Solids, just as it is on the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother". It is later changed with a shortened version of the seventh opening of Bleach "After Dark".

Ryuuken's Television:

Just as each episode refers to a common topic shown on Ryuuken's television, random material will also appears. There are many reference materials, such as pop-culture jokes, Internet memes, hit-TV shows, advertisements, etc. These materials help give the viewer an idea about the 'topic' of the episode.


At the beginning of every, single episode, there is a disclaimer that says "The following is a non-profit fan-based parody. Bleach is owned by Viz Media, Studio Pierrot and of course Tite Kubo. Please support the official release." It is read in Ryuuken's voice, however, in the Pilot Episode it is read from Uryu Ishida.

  • Pilot Episode: Uryu states the disclaimer and ends it with: In the honor of the Quincy! 

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