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Black Butler: Parody of the Phantomhives is an abridged series created by LJ7117 for her channel, Aristocrats of Evil. It is directed and edited by her and written by both herself and Martin Lis.


Cast Member Roles
Pinkshuchan Ciel Phantomhive (Ep 1-9)
Avie87 Sebastian Michaelis, Arthur Randall
LJ7117 Grell Sutcliff, Undertaker, Pluto, Vincent Phantomhive, Azzurro
Axus Madam Red, Paula
Dean Seaver Bardroy
PuppyBoy Finnian, Lau
Leaviel Mey-Rin
Martin Lis Tanaka, William T. Spears
Redasatomato Elizabeth Midford
Jamiethecomic Fred Abberline
Harukoz Ranmao
ActorsAllusion Ash Landers
Pikaace Angela Blanc, Rachel Phantomhive
PhoenixS146 Viscount Druitt
Geoffrey Mendelssohn Drossel Keinz, Henry Barrymore
C0rrupted1 Various extras

Recurring Jokes[]

  • In Episode 2, Ciel has a ring that he has named Jimmy. Jimmy is often brought up at least once every episode, even if not in direct reference to the ring. For example, Madam Red's husband suggested naming their child Jimmy to which she stated that the name "sounded absolutely stupid".
  • Finnian keeps accidentally lighting the mansion on fire.
  • Ciel doesn't remember how to dance, despite Sebastian teaching him extensively in Episode 2.
  • Ciel never forgets about the dress situation in Episode 3. He holds a grudge.
  • In Episode 4, Sebastian is seen playing with a cat he named Mr. Skittles. Mr. Skittles was brought up once again by him, Grell and William in Episode 5.
  • Grell's constant use of innuendo.
  • In Episode 7, Elizabeth accidentally got a dose of "magic sugar". This causes her mood swings, particularly those of anger against Paula.
  • "Just add water."


# Link Title

Black Butler- Parody of the Phantomhives Episode 1

His Butler, Cooking

(REUPLOAD) Black Butler Parody of the Phantomhives Episode 2

His Butler, Jimmy

Black Butler- Parody of the Phantomhives Episode 3

His Butler, Crossdressing

Black Butler- Parody of the Phantomhives Episode 4

His Butler, Bassy

Black Butler- Parody of the Phantomhives Episode 5

His Butler, Defender of Cats

Black Butler- Parody of the Phantomhives Episode 6

His Butler, Doggy Trainer

Black Butler- Parody of the Phantomhives Episode 7

His Butler...BUT WITH ICE!!!

Black Butler- Parody of the Phantomhives Episode 8

His Butler, Kidnapper


  • In a community post, LJ voiced her intent to remake the first two episodes of the parody due to what she viewed as lackluster quality compared to everything that came afterwards.
  • This is the first Black Butler abridged series to make it past the Jack the Ripper arc.