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  • History[]

    Deathcomeseasily also known as BlackAbridger first started to Abridged Code Geass. In the month of April he posted his first trailer and said that the first episode would be posted in the month of May. The episode only came out on December 18th 2008, after such a long wait you would expect the episode to be really good right? wrong. The episode just had jokes from other series and the episode wasn't funny at all, plus the editing was choppy. A day after the first episode of Code Geass Abridged was posted it was taken down because Ezekieru's fans and friends threaten to flag it. Shortly afterwards Deathcomeseasily made an apology video saying that he was in a hurry to get the script done and took jokes from other series just to finish it and apoligized to anyone who watched the first episode saying that he knew it would suck. A few weeks afterwards Deathcomeseasily made a video Saying that he was going to close down the TheDeathTeam account (his original Abridging account) so he could start of on a new slate. Deathcomeseasily also mentioned that he created a new account called BlackAbridger (he says there is a meaning behind the name BlackAbridger but won't say what it is), and also said that all of his subscribers should move their, sadly only a few actually moved to the new account.

    After a week or two after the BlackAbridger account was created he put up a trailer for Air Gear Abridged and in the description of the video he said "that this one would be much better hopefully." Shortly after the Trailer Deathcomeseasily Auditioned for roles in Soul Eater DG Abridged by DeathgGod, he received the role of Black Star and other characters. Deathcomeseasily Also Received the role of Kataro and Zaza in Black Blood Brothers Abridged by Gdechert007, Deathcomeseasily also Co-Edits the series.

    On April 26 2009 Deathcomeseasily posted episode 1 of Gundam Seed Stargazer C.E. 73 Abridged for Hbi2k speed Abridging contest. He made the episode with Gdechert007 and DeathgGod, but those two only voiced; Deathcomeseasily Wrote, Voiced and Edited the episode. On May 26 2009 Deathcomeseasily Posted the first episode of his Air Gear abridged, and the episode was much better than the failed Code Geass Abridged if i say so myself.

    Deathcomeseasily Stated that he will Continue Gundam Seed Stargazer C.E. 73 Abridged but the second episode will only be made after episode 13 of Air Gear Abridged and the final Episode Would be made after Air Gear Abridged was finished. Deathcomeseasily also stated that he was going to do another abridged series while doing Air Gear Abridged but he wouldn't say what the series is.

    Deathcomeseasily also said that he was going to redo the first episode of Code Geass Abridged but he would only do the first episode of it because Ezekieru already has a really good grasp on the series. Also he does not want to get tied up in an Abridged battle.

    Source Video[]

    Deathcomeseasily uses footage from DVDs he owns except for episodes that has not been released in english or he does not own is that is the case he would just download the raws


    Air Gear Abridged - Voices, Writes, Directs, and Edits

    Gundam Seed Stargazer C.E. 73 Abridged - Voices, Writes, Directs, and Edits

    Samurai Champloo Abridged - Voices, Writes, Directs, and Edits

    Espada: Basura Al Azar - voices, Writes, Directs, and Edits

    Soul Eater DG Abridged - Voices

    Black Blood Brothers Abridged - Voices and Co-Edits