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Best Student Council Abridged was created by YoshinoVA, who was previously named DinosaurcardsFTW.

Best Student Council Abridged was created with the thought of making fun of a series no one knows about so they want to see the original, and to give off feels about how what happens in the show could be directly related to the viewers life.

Some of the information below has not been released in an episode yet.

Cast Members[]

  • DinosaurcardsFTW pulls a LittleKuriboh and voices most of the extras, Plus Mayura, Puc-chan, Cyndi, and Sayuri.
  • Iceswolf25 voices Kaori, Rein, and Kuon for an Ironic mixture of Covert Squad and Assault squad. she tries to voice Extras needed.
  • Chinomi voices President Kanade (starting in episode 5) while voicing no extras.
  • Malfoy22 voices Maachi Hisakawa, while voicing no extras.
  • Jordan_R voices the Main character, Rino Rando, but doesn't voice the puppet, unlike the original anime. She also voices Nanaho, who hates Mayura (until further notice).
  • Fireflight does the voice of Ayumu Ohme and voices no extras.
  • Shattersoflight takes the role of Seina Katsura, and may voice extras in future episodes.
  • VAshleyheart voices as Minamo Katsura. She;s the sister of Seina, and is a huge handful. 

Guest Stars[]

Each Episode gets at least one or two guest stars, depending on the amount of extras.

In episode 2, ZmasterskullL helped out by voicing 2 Paparazzi Club members.

In episode 3, StacyRaeCovers helped out by voicing Sachiko, the fat girl.

In episode 4, RandomYori voiced Yura, a Parody on the K-POP group "Girl's Day". Palace Dawson voiced a Statue that sound like Fredfredburger.

In episode 5, there are no special guest stars but fireflight starts as Ayumu and DinosaurcardsFTW does the voice of Sayuri.

In episode 6, NewKidAye joins the Guest Stars as Shimon, Mayura's Boyfriend that has very shiny teeth. 

Episode List[]


Best Student Council Abridged - Episode 3

Episode 3

Episode Air Date
Episode 1 - "Mr. Poppet! The Unexpected Journey!" Mar 20, 2013
Episode 2 - "Attack of the Yuri Fangirls" Apr 9, 2013
Episode 3 - "Kaori Izumi's Puppet Pals!" May 8, 2013
Episode 4 - "The Curry Rice Girl's Day Elite Task Force from South Korea" Jun 2, 2013
Episode 6 - "There is not enough money in the budget for a title: A Mayura Ichikawa Love Story" Jun 25, 2013
Episode 5 - "Nightmare before Puppets" Oct 29, 2013

Jokes and References[]

- Episode 1 referenced the hobbit movie because of the title, "Mr. Poppet! The Unexpected Journey!", Referenced Necromancers in RPG's because of the attacker who tried to hurt Rino, League of Legends with the announcer going "You have Slain an Enemy", Harry Potter when Mayura blames the car being low on gas on Nargles, foreshadowing as Maachi says "President Kanade has Psychic Powers", and James Bond.

- Episode 2 References Ouran High School Host Club, a lot of Lesbian jokes, and Pokemon. Not much happened.

- Episode 3 references Lucky Star, Kaori revealing she is Bisexual for the President, Aladdin, Dragon Ball Z, and Insanity.

- Episode 4 revolves around a parody of a K-POP group called "Girl's day" which the title is named after, Chagu Chagu Omako Horse Festival, "nomnom" meme, Kingdom Hearts, Tower of Druaga, Epic Rap Battles of History, and Nanaho realeasing information about the next 2 episodes.

- Episode 5 revolves around death and horror movies, and introduces UchihanHotshot as a Narrator. It's references Full Metal Alchemist, A Parody on the popular meme "PC gaming Master Race", Pokemon, and Six Flags. this is the first episode based more on Jokes about the series than references.

- Episode 6 basically revolves around Mayura Ichikawa and her "Boyfriend (?)", My shiny teeth and me playing whenever Shimon talks, Shimon sounding like Haley Joel Osment (joke permission from NewKidAye), 20 questions, Kingdom Hearts (much more references), and Final Fantasy.

Recurring Jokes[]

- Since the first Episode, Mayura has been the girl Everyone hates... Well, actually, just Nanaho.

- Unlike the Anime, Rino Rando and Puc-chan are voiced by 2 different VA's, Jordan_R and DinosaurcardsFTW

- Kingdom Hearts has recurring references due to the music director working on both Best Student Council and Kingdom Hearts.

- Mayura's Voice is a Parody on Tea's Abridged voice from LittleKuriboh.


Episode 1:

"That's a relief. I thought it might have been a Level 85 necromancer trying to con me into raising my dead mom from her grave that we don't know where it is." - Rino Rando

"And that other girl who we're not entirely sure is a girl and may be a trap is Cyndi Manabe." - Nanaho Kinjo

Episode 2:

"Why do you guys hate me? I'm the treasurer...." -Mayura Ichikawa

Episode 3:

"If Rino dies in a violent plane crash caused by some magical genie or something actually realistic, That's your problem." - Nanaho Kinjo

"We'll be there faster than a bag of potatos." - Puc-chan

"Rino, shut the hell up. Everyone cannot be the culprit." - Kaori Izumi


- Unused titles for episode 5 were "Night of the living Puc-chan" and "Attack on the Best Student Council", but the finalized title was "Nightmare before Puc-chan" because the episode contained more compassion than it did horror.

- Roles in Best Student Council Abridged have been recasted 7 times.

- Episode 5 was supposed to be an "In The Booth" episode, but due to the sudden recast of several VA's, the idea was canned. 

- TeamFourStar member Megami33 has been confirmed to make an appearance in Episode 7, however, the series was cancelled before Episode 7 could be created.


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