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Berserk: The Abridged Series, is the debut abridged series for hbi2k.

This is one of the huge abridged series that came out early on YouTube. It is actually the least known out of the original 4 (the others being Yugioh, Naruto, and YYH).


As per the norm in Abridged Series, characters are highly exaggerated from their original forms, though many characters display traits and interests that have nothing to do with the original series.

Guts: "What was that part about demons and diet pills?" Guts is a passionate fighter (to quote himself: "I love hurting people") though his interest in journeying is turned into a desire to go to Comic-Con San Diego. His prefrence for large swords is explained as his efforts to cosplay as Zack from Final Fantasy VII, a character he takes very seriously despite his somewhat minor role in that canon. Guts identifies himself as heterosexual and finds Griffith's obvious come-ons discomforting. Multiple refrences are made to Guts abusing drugs (specifically acid and pot brownies), and much of the series' demonic elements are thought of (by Guts and those who know him) as drug related hallucinations.

Griffith: "Haven't you ever seen a Shonen anime before? I'm your best friend and eternal rival..." Griffith loses much of his menacing, determined demeanor and instead becomes far, far more flamboyantly homosexual. He is more condescending to Princess Charlotte, refering to her directly as a "meal ticket". Likewise, he almost directly refers to the Hawks as expendable pawns.

Caska: "I hate you more than Final Fantasy 8." Caska's loyalty to Griffith is extended into insane dependence on his orders resulting in her being able to do nothing without Griffith's orders (except for one time when Griffith was apparently too busy to order her to use the bathroom and she wet herself). Caska worries that all of her male friends just want to have sex with her, something that is likely true.

Judeau: "Corkus, I'm going to kick... your... ass." Still a knife-throwing member of the Hawks, Judeau's main change is that rather than setting aside his personal feelings for Caska out of mutual respect for Guts, he keeps hoping that being a nice guy will eventually get him into her pants. Judeau was the subject of a viewer participation contest to help him figure out a one-liner to say.

Rickert: Has a very small part in the abridged series and is mostly uncharacterised. He briefly meets the Apostles that weren't featured in the anime series (since it focused on Golden Age arc). The ending points out that after the Eclipse, he turns into a "smaller Judeau".

Corkus: "Don't compare my love of murder with his obsession with killing!" Perhaps more characterised than the original, Corkus' main trait is his obsession with killing people. Later on, it's revealed that he views murder as an artform and is the only Hawk excited to participate in courtly activities as he views the asassinations of the courted nobility as a "fine wine" over battlefield killing. Corkus also believes Barry White albums and Jello shots will garauntee a girl will sleep with a man, despite having ruined his own friendship with Caska the same way.

Demonic Beings (featuring the Godhand): "Hey meeeester, want to buy some diet pills?" Demonic entities that prove far less menacing than their original incarnations. Their main concern is running a global diet pill pyramid scheme.

Princess Charlotte: "I'm so sneaky!" Princess of Midland. Apparently not very intelligent and exceptionally clumsy. Centuries of noble in-breeding have resulted in her having the 'regal bearing' of a cow staring into an oncoming train.

Adon: "Fold like you're playing poker against a Klingon, an empath an android!" General of the Purple Rhino Knights. Has a running joke of talking about ancient combat tricks being passed down his family line (though this is actually accurate of his character in the the manga and anime. He does have a wide array of these skills such as "the comic relief technique" and "the ancient 'burn the porn and run' technique".

Zodd: "Do I look like a butterfly?" A mighty warrior demon who also likes to do fortune telling. Guts questions why he hides his true form (a 10 foot tall demon-thing) in the not-very-much-less-attention-drawing form of an 8 foot tall ogre.

Phil: "My whole body is a phallic symbol. Jeeeeealous?" A snake demon who is easily defeated in the first episode. Spends the rest of the series commenting on the plot with Zodd.

Episode list[]

Episodes Air Date
Episode 1 - Pilot Feb 22, 2007
Episode 2 - If You're Going to Cosplay,

Do It With All Your Heart

Mar 2, 2007
Episode 3 - Confidentially, Yes, We DID Start the Fire Mar 9, 2007
Episode 4 - Guts is a Cheeky Monkey Mar 16, 2007
Episode 5 - The Burger King Tells Me to Kill Mar 23, 2007
Episode 6 - In-A-Zodd-A-Da-Vida, Baby Mar 30, 2007
Episode 7 - E = MC Douchebag Apr 6, 2007
Episode 8 - Discussing the Lord With a Man and His Sword N/A
Episode 9 - Name that Tune! May 26, 2007
Episode 10 - Proper Condom Use Jun 7, 2007
Episode 11 - And I'll Form the Head! Jun 22, 2007
Episode 12 - There's No Massage Parlour Episode,

Ya Dumb Cracka

Jul 5, 2007
Episode 13 - George Carlin Was Wrong Jul 27, 2007
Episode 14 - Only You Can Help Judeau Get Laid Aug 9, 2007
Episode 15 - Pants of Curse II Sep 7, 2007
Episode 16 - And the Winner is... Oct 5, 2007
Episode 17 - The End N/A
Episode 18 - Nerdcore Falling Nov 8, 2007
Episode 19 - Hail to the King, Baby N/A
Episode 20 - Swing and a Miss N/A
Episode 21 - Now I See Bees I Won Dec 10, 2007
Episode 22 - The Revenge of Phil Jan 9, 2008
Episode 23 - Everybody Hurts Jan 25, 2008
Episode 24 - He's Got the Whole World in His God Hand

(2 Parts)

Feb 22, 2008

The hbi2k Ending[]

As the series drew to a close, multiple fans questioned the wisdom of hbi2k doing a parody version of the series' notoriously grim ending. In a preface message, hbi2k admitted that he agreed with these fans, as well as expressed his extreme admiration for the powerful, heartwrenching, and emotional ending of the series. Instead, the ending presented diverges with Griffith not choosing to become a member of the Godhand and instead a "Where are they now?" montage discusses how the characters all lived happily ever after. The original ending is given nods to when Zodd arrives and argues with hbi2k over his cop out ending, citing the original Berserk anime's ending was one of the precious few (if only) times the bad guys incontrovertably win.

Common Themes[]

The relationship between Guts and Griffith. Barry White and Jello Shots used to seduce people, Final Fantasy references, changes to the anime from the manga (especially Guts getting sodomized as a child), Comic-con San Diego.



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