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Somewhere between the release of the first Teen Titans Abridged One-Shot and the second episode of When They Cry TAS, Kira was bored and wanted to make a series where he did all the voices (similar to his first attempt at an abridged series: Ultimate Muscle TAS). So he began searching youtube, and came across a show he grew up on, Beast Wars. Knowing he could do a few half-decent Scott McNeil impressions, he decided to download the episode and make an episode.


Similar to When They Cry TAS, Kira first used Windows Movie Maker to edit the episode, as well as Audacity to record the lines. The original theme song ws Muse's "Supermassive Black Hole", which he thought would fit musically, and simply because of the title. He has since upgraded to Sony Vegas for video, Wavepad for audio & changed the theme song to the series 4 theme for Doctor Who



Optimus Primal: The leader of the maximals. He tends to look down on Cheetor as he is like "the Krillin of this series", and in one scene let's it slip that he was trying to kill cheetor instead of save him. He also mentioned at the beginning of episode 2 that they were so desperate for soldiers that they'd let anyone join the team... which is why Cheetor is there. In episode 4, he quickly decides to use the energon bomb (like Dinobot suggested) not because he thought the preds had killed Cheetor (in the show) but because he believed Cheetor had given them a way to destroy the preds and end the war. In episode 5, he was sent to the world of Beast Machines by an alien probe and had to leave Rattrap in charge because "He was the only one who had done anything right at that point". In episode 7 he spends the majority of the episode in the CR Chamber recovering from a blast he took from Terrorsaur. In Episode 8, he, along with the other maximals was tricked into thinking Rattrap was a trator. He also seems obsessed with telling Cheetor to shut up. He is currently voiced by KiraKennedy

Cheetor: Despite being Kira's favorite character from the series, he makes Cheetor the useless one in the series (similar to Krillin from Team Four Star's Dragon Ball Z abridged, only without the "owned" counter). Tends to do stupid things like hitting his "gut gun" causing an explosion. Tends to see Optimus as a "Batman" figure, and usually has to be saved by "Big-bot". Optimus also mentions that they were so low on soldiers that they had no choice but to put Cheetor on the team. At the beginning of episode 3, it is believed that Cheetor is the only one that can hear Felix the Cow (who moo's whenever someone openly says something is BS)... until Rat Trap is crushed by Felix (offscreen) at the end of episode 3. While setting up scanning posts to track the predicons (in episode 4), he accidently teleports himself into the predicon base, and ultimately saves both ships from potential destruction when he both discovers that both ships are connected by a line of raw energon, and disarms a 9-megaton energon bomb Dinobot made to destroy the predicons. He also proves to outsmart not only Terrorsaur, Waspinator and Scorpinoc, but Megatron as well. He is also voiced by KiraKennedy

Rat Trap: Similarly to his non-abridged counter-part, Rat Trap does not like to be involved in situations that would put his ass on the line. He is also very smart-mouthed. In episode 5, he was chosen to temporarily lead the maximals when Optimus was transported to Beast Machines, because "He was the only person who had done anything right up till then". In episode 8, he pretended to betray the maximals (a plan Optimus never knew about) in order to find out why the Predicons were able to intercept them any time they went out on a mission, Voiced by dreadlockdragon45 starting episode 5

Rhinox: Though he did not have many lines in the first episode, Rhinox seems to have a very apathetic attitude, and tends to give rather emotionless responses with the notable exception of episode 5 when he lost his temper and blasted waspinator to pieces. He also claims to have people call him Kelly Clarkson a lot. He's voiced by (you guessed it) KiraKennedy.

Dinobot: Left the predicons after nearly being killed by Scorpinok after having an argument with Megatron about the Transformers DVD (Golden Disk) not taking them to earth. His voice changed two times throughout the episode until KiraKenendy finally got a perfect impression of Scott McNeils Dinobot voice. Claims that his contract states he gets one bad-ass fight sequence per season. In episode 4, he suggests that while Cheetor is running away, he should set up a set of scanning posts that Rhinox was building at the beginning of the episode, only to discover that these posts (with the help of some raw energon) created a teleportation path between both the Axalon and the Darksyde. He decides to let Optimus know and they both deside to send over the energon bomb he was working on at the beginning of the episode. Prefers referring to Cheetor as: "The Feline" & Rattrap as: "Vermin". Voiced by KiraKennedy

Tigertron: The newest member of the Maximal Team. He was ready to join the team full-time after single handedly defeating Megatron, Waspinator and Terrorsaur, but was rejected by Optimus saying that he was given a chance for Character Development. Tigertron is voiced by VanTX89


Megatron:In the first episode Megatron speaks very quickly (similar to a Samurai). He tends to make very stupid leadership choices like allowing the shieldless Maximals to have one free-shot instead of destroying them or announcing an attack on the maximals instead of sending Waspinator and Terrorsaur in for a sneak attack. He also gets very carried away when he rants, and does not listen to any of his predicon underlings' suggestions. Voiced by KiraKennedy

Waspinator: Waspinator sounds very close to Scott McNeils version, and is pretty much the exact same character as he was in the actual series. Voiced by KiraKennedy

Scorpinok: Had no lines in the first episode, but was ordered by Megatron to destroy a very angry Dinobot. Kira originally planned to have Scorpinok sound like Billy Mays, but could not because he wanted to record his lines quietly. His voice changed in episode 5 when Tarantulus had to replace his voice box after taking heavy damage at the beginning of the episode. Was voiced by KiraKennedy up until episode 5 when Newkidaye took over that role

Tarantulus: Made his first appearance in episode 2. In episode 3, he kidnaps and tries to eat Cheetor until Rat Trap blows up his cave. He helped repair Scorpinoc's voice box in episode 5, and scanned Black Arachnia into the body of a Black Widow Spider as part of an, as of yet, unknown plan to take over the Predicons. Currently Voiced by KiraKennedy

Terrorsaur: Made his first appearance in Episode 2, albeit very breifly. In episode 4, he tries, and fails, to catch and destroy Cheetor several times and eventually gets hit while escaping the shockwave of a 9 megaton energon bomb sent by the maximals. He was supposed to have two episodes dedicated to him, but it was relegated to a prologue. When he went to complain about this, KiraKennedy wrote his name in his own death note, setting the Time of Death to the beginning of season 2. His other episode (episode 8) saw him finally overthrow Megatron as Predicon leader (with the help of Rattrap), but he made the same mistakes Megatron did, such as not bothering to check on the prisoners, leading to him getting his head shot off by Cheetor. Currently voiced by Newkidaye

Black Arachnia: Newest Predicon on the team. She's russian, for some strange reason, and contributes to the most badass scene of the series' 7 episode run thus far, when she simply walked up to Cheetor (who was shooting at her at the time) and simply kicked him in the face. Currently voiced by knuckleheadtori

Off-screen Characters[]

Felix The Cow: Introduced in episode 3, Felix the cow is an off-screen character that only moos when someone says that something is BS.

Superman: Voiced by Newkidaye. He has appeared in episodes 2 & 5, crashing into Optimus when he tried to attack Terrorsaur and Waspinator from behind (episode 2) and getting blasted by an energon beam (Episode 5 deleted scene)

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