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Batman: The Abridged Series

Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series is the title of Abridged Brothers' award-winning abridged series based on the Batman Beyond, made by Warner Brothers Animation. It is a direct sequel to Batman: The Abridged Series, also created by Abridged Brothers. It is a collaboration between My Name Is Mircea Inc., Bagonaf Studios and finally Spajatalious Inc. It is further supported by Alano Guy and Jason. Like many abridged series, Batman Beyond: TAS takes the personalities of each character to their extremes and conveys the original plot, showing the ridiculous oversight of many characters within each episode.



On 16th of January 2011, Abridged Brothers uploaded a promo video on their channel announcing their first anniversary together as a team and informing fans about a new series airing on 15th of February 2011 on their channel. It was revealed that Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series would be the new series by showing the intro of it. Unfortunately, no more information was revealed but it is presumed that more will come in the following days.

First Episode[]

On 15th of February 2011, the first episode of Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series, entitled "Episode Pilot" (just like the first episode of the original Batman: The Abridged Series), was uploaded on Youtube. Without any doubts, the episode was highly praised by fans and the Youtube community for its humour and plot. Furthermore, the editing was considered brilliant and the soundtracks used made the episode feel more authentic and serious. However, some fans of the original Batman: TAS complained that the episode did not feature any "bagels", something for which the Abridged Brothers were famously known within the abridged community. Nevertheless, the episode clearly boosted the popularity of the brand new series.

The episode has since been removed from youtube by copyright claim, and is currently available on Blip.tv.

Second Episode[]

The second episode is under-development.


As the name suggests, Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series is a dramatically shortened down version of the original series, cutting each episode down from its original twenty minutes. This includes episodes in two or more parts.


Unlike Batman: The Abridged Series which did not have a stable plot at the beginning, Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series started off with an actual plotline.

The series took place twenty years after the events of Batman: The Abridged Series, with Bruce Wayne retiring from his role of city protector. Meanwhile, a troubled teenager from Gotham City called Terry McGinnis was not getting well with his dad who managed to put his hands on a disc which contained secret documents from Mr. Powers, owner of post-Warner Brothers Entertainment. That lead Terry to run away from home where he was later attacked by a gang of Jokerz on motorcycles and caused him to be chased by them. Luckily, Terry ended up at a mansion where he found an old Bruce Wayne who aided him against The Jokerz. After the fight, Terry was requested by Bruce to help him out because he was too weak. While inside Bruce's mansion, Terry discovered the Batcave by accident and ultimately Bruce's secret. Unfortunately, Bruce found out about that and kicked Terry out of his mansion where he later found that his dad was killed by the same gang of Jokerz who attacked him earlier. Fortunately, Terry discovered his dad's disc and found out about Mr. Powers' plans. He then decided to avenge his dad's death by finding out more about Mr. Powers and possibly putting a stop to him and his company. However, Terry knew only one person who could know more about him and that was Bruce Wayne.


The humour of the series has constantly varied and expanded from its original premise. Rather than just making fun at the original series, other elements have been added throughout time to the parody.

List Of Episodes[]

Season One[]


After the series was announced, there were rumours that the Abridged Brothers were trying to select someone to star in Batman Beyond: The Abridged Series along with them. It is unknown whether someone was selected, but it is yet to be seen in the following episodes of the series.


On 13th of March 2011, "Episode Pilot" won at a local film festival in Oklahoma in the Comedy section. It is the first time when the Abridged Brothers won a prestigious award for their works on Batman: TAS. [1] [2]