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06/13/2013 - 07/02/2013




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"Ninjas, boobs and money!
That's what this series is all about."
- Episode 6 description

History Edit

Written and Edited by EoD.

The first season of the original anime is currently completed. Episodes 1-10 were originally created between 2011-2013, and were all redubbed in June 2013 with new audio after EoD upgraded his microphone. Episodes 1, 2, 3, and 9 were entirely remade from scratch due to the original files being lost, and with episode 1 being the only one that was also re-written. Episodes 1 to 6 are also dubbed in Spanish.

Music Edit

Use of musical backing from several metal bands including Rammstein, Turmion Kätilöt, Therion, Krypteria, Rhapsody of Fire, Leaves' Eyes, Alamaailman Vasarat, Avantasia, Kalmah

Cast Edit

  • EoD - Danjo, Gennosuke, Tenzen, Koshiro, Jubei, Jingoro, Nenki, Rousai, Jousuke, Hawk, Shougen, Others and Extras
  • PandoraHerself - Okoi, Kagero, Extras
  • LittleDragon17 - Yashamaru
  • Kitaruful' - Oboro, Hotarubi
  • Floweramon - Akeginu
  • Midgettoe2000 - Gyoubu, Kyohachiro

Episode List Edit

Season 1Edit

Episode Air Date
Episode 1: Roots of Stupidity Jun 13, 2013
Episode 2: Meet the Igas Jun 14, 2013
Episode 3: In Tenebris Jun 17, 2013
Episode 4: Iga Nights Jun 18, 2013
Episode 5: Kougapalooza Jun 19, 2013
Episode 6: How to choke a bitch Jun 20, 2013
Episode 7: Doppelgang me Jun 21, 2013
Episode 8: Breastless Jun 24, 2013
Episode 9: Rhapsody of Madness Jun 25, 2013
Episode 10: Puzzle Jun 26, 2013
Episode 11: The Fall (Season Finale) Jul 2, 2013



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