Episode 4: 4 Girls, 4 Walls, 4/20
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Ishibashi Arc (Season 1)

Written by:

SonCurran, ReverseSoda, UlimateGamerist



Aired on:

April 22nd, 2013


16:9 - 1,080 X 720 (720p)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sensei Kojiro starts to get impatient with Saya's attendence and orders Kirino to tell him. Kirino then writes Nakata and Donny to come to the Dojo to try on their new equipment they bought from Sakaguchi's Kendo Equipment Store. The team refuses to give Kojiro the money, thinking he'd steal it. They then find out that Kojiro is high when he starts giving the team members colors. After Kendo practice, Miya Miya goes back to Sakaguchi's store to purchase a wooden sword she saw the previous day. She then confronts Tayama and Iwasa as a Super Saiyan, not too long before Saya comes charging in with her bike and runs straight into Miya Miya. Miya Miya when the furious, so she threw Saya's bike into the creek, and then slapped her into the creek. The next day, Kojiro comes to school even more stoned, claming that it was Pot Day (4/20). Kojiro sets a bug fogger in the changing room of the dojo, which smokes the building clear out. Nakata gets livid with Kojiro for almost destroying the dojo by fogging the roaches. Meanwhile, at the Machido High School, Sensei Ishibashi gets his 5 girls ready to battle on Kojiro's team. Morning comes around again, and Miya Miya and Kirino, along with Kojiro are the first ones to show up at the dojo. Kojiro was sober, and was willing to continue training the kids for the practice match against Ishibashi's team. Suddenly, Saya walks in, being the drama queen that she is, starts throwing random fits at Kojiro, with him finding out that she's eaten his 'brownies.'


Bamboo Blade Abridged Ep. 04

Cast[edit | edit source]

SD2Productions - Sensei KOJIRO!

Kimmy13r - Kirino, Cubey, Yuuri

SonCurran - Tamaki, Nakata

ReverseSoda - Donny, Sakaguchi

TheProfessorMaple - Saya

UltimateGamerist - Sensei Ishbashi

SliceOfDog - Toyama

XKuroixMasayoshiX- Disclaimer

RadioKhmerSitya - Miya Miya

DigitalxKeyblade - Konatsu

ImoriStar - Maya

The6SeptaG - Boy Captain

References[edit | edit source]

  • Cojiro! Used by LP'er NintendoCaprisun.
  • Playing with sticks.
  • Super Saiyan

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first Bamboo Blade Abridged episode edited with Final Cut Pro.
  • Tamaki's Father reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • A few lines were cut from the script.
  • Miya Miya transforms into a Super Saiyan on screen for the first time. It is unknown if Donny really knows that she really is one.
  • This was the first episode to feature SD2Productions as Sensei KOJIRO!
  • This episode had 110 audio tracks.
  • The source material is from a DVD that only outputs 480p content, however Curran for the first time renders BBA in 720p on episode 4 to keep all the detail lost from the 480p rendering. So BBA will never output 'True HD.'

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Nakata: You burnt this place to hell for a coachroach?! Goddammit Sensei, you're freakin' stupid!

Kojiro: It was a bug fogger! And me? Stupid? That's an absurd proposition.


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