Episode 03: "Beating Sempai, Beating Buns, Beating It!"
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Aired On:

October 28th, 2012















Ishibashi Arc (Season 1)

Written By:

SonCurran, ReverseSoda, UltimateGamerist


16:9 - 720 X 480 (480p)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

The next morning after Tamaki becomes the newest member of the Muroe High School Kendo team. She watches Blade Bravers on TV, before heading off to school. Kojiro, teaching his class about human reproduction, is starving. Later, the kids have a picnic outside during their lunch hour, feeding Tamaki, talking about Kendo, and not so much about their Sensei Kojiro, who apparently steals some of his classmates buns. When the team meets up in the dojo, Kojiro recites his training regiment to the team, and to bring extra food. They all then go to Sakaguchi's Kendo Shop to buy new Kendo Gear. After that, Kojiro calls Ishibashi up to inform him that Kojiro's team is almost ready to go. It was then decided if Ishibashi won the practice match against Kojiro, that Kojiro would have to 'return' the trophy that Kojiro was awarded back in the 26th Annual Kendo Nationals in their high school years.

CastEdit[edit | edit source]


Bamboo Blade Abridged Parody Ep. 03

BBA Episode 03 By DancingMonkeyPDTV

Kimmy13r - Kirino, Cubey

TheFuchsiaFox - Sensei KOJIRO!

SonCurran - Tamaki, Nakata

ReverseSoda - Donny, Sakaguchi

UltimateGamerist - Sensei Ishbashi, Death Armor, Cockroach

SliceOfDog - Red Braver, Toyama

XKuroixMasayoshiX- Tamaki's Father

RadioKhmerSitya - Miya Miya

DigitalxKeyblade - Yuki

ImoriStar - Mona

ReferencesEdit[edit | edit source]

  • Cojiro! Used by LP'er NintendoCaprisun.
  • Playing with sticks.
  • Men
  • "What do I look like a charity case?" is a reference to Lonely Island's "Threw it on the Ground."
  • Guava is a parody of Apple, and Microsoft.
  • Hot Cross Buns
  • Power Rangers

TriviaEdit[edit | edit source]

  • This is by far, the longest episode of Bamboo Blade Abridged.
  • Tamaki's Father reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • A few lines were cut from the script.
  • People in this series can't speak Japanese correctly, nor could they really understand it.
  • This was the last episode to feature TheFuchsiaFox as Sensei KOJIRO!
  • This episode had 77 audio tracks.

QuotesEdit[edit | edit source]

Kojiro: Our team is just about ready to go!

Ishibashi: Ask me how many f&*ks I give.

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