Episode 02: "Hello Chirrens!"
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Aired On:

August 21st, 2012















Ishibashi Arc (Season 1)

Written By:

SonCurran, ReverseSoda


16:9 - 720 x 480 (480p)

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sensei Kojiro, still desperate to get Tamaki on the Kendo team, gets a hold of her student files. Back at the dojo, Kojiro was forced to tell Nakata why he wanted 5 girls so badly. He explains the bet between him and his senpai Ishbashi, that if Kojiro won the match, he'd earn an entire year's worth of Lightbulbs and Sushi. Nakata is flabbergasted by Kojiro's selfishness. Later, Donny introduces his girlfriend, Miya Miya to Kirino, Nakata, and Kojiro. Miya Miya becomes the 3rd member of the Kendo team. Toyama and Iwasa, two bullies, confront Kojiro, Kirino, and Nakata on the staircase. Kojiro threatens Toyama so that he would come to class, but after the confrontation. He beats Donny, a freshman, new to the Kendo team. Miya Miya watches in horror while Tamaki and Kirino show up at the dojo. Tamaki's disgust for bullying convinces herself to challenge Toyama to a Kendo match. It would appear that Tamaki had won the match, making her decide to join the Kendo team as their 4th girl member.


Bamboo Blade Abridged Parody Ep. 02

BBA Episode 02 by DancingMonkeyPDTV

Cast[edit | edit source]

Kimmy13r - Kirino

TheFuchsiaFox - Sensei KOJIRO!

SonCurran - Tamaki, Nakata, Takasugi

ReverseSoda - Donny

UltimateGamerist - Sensei Ishbashi, Cook

SliceOfDog - Toyama

Ninjaheart100 - Iwasa

XKuroixMasayoshiX- Tamaki's Father

RadioKhmerSitya - Miya Miya

X1xSakuraYukkix7X - Ms. Yoshikawa

References[edit | edit source]

  • Cojiro! Used by LP'er NintendoCaprisun.
  • Playing with sticks.
  • Men
  • Tokyo Drift
  • Hello Chirrens
  • iPhone
  • Galaxy Phone
  • Snake (Game)
  • Bitchin'! From Lucky Star
  • Hellgirl

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • A part of the episode wasn't recorded in the script.
  • Tamaki reads the disclaimer for this episode.
  • Every time Kirino talks, Tamaki gets back luck in Kendo matches.
  • Tamaki actually cheated in the match against Toyama, unlike the anime.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

'Tamaki: Kirino, these pants are too big for me.

'Kirino: Oh, you'll grow into them!

'Tamaki: I'm only doing this for one day.

'Kirino: That'll have to do until you get your own stuff.

'Tamaki: I'm only doing this for one day!

'Kirino: Do those fit you okay?

'Tamaki: '''Pants..too..big...hymn..too..long!

'Kirino: You'll do great! Kick his ass!!!!

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