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Episode 01: "Quote on Quote: Adorable Girls"
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Directed by SonCurran

Aired On:

March 15th, 2012










Ishibashi Arc (Season 1)

Written By

SonCurran, RadioKhmerSitya


16:9 - 720 X 480 (480p)


The story starts out in the Muroe High School Dojo, where a Kendo teacher struggles to make it. There is only one member on the team, Kirino Chiba, a very high energy girl who tries to get her Sensei Kojiro to train her for at least an hour. Sensei Kojiro's goal is to get 5 girls for a practice match against his Senpai, Kenzuburo Ishibashi. After searching with Kirino, he finds a girl named Tamaki, who he desperately wants on the team. Nakata and Donny join the Kendo team anyway, even though they won't be participating in the 5 girls match against Ishibashi's team.


Bamboo Blade Abridged Parody Ep. 01

BBA Episode 01 by DancingMonkeyPDTV


Kimmy13r - Kirino

TheFuchsiaFox - Sensei KOJIRO!

SonCurran - Tamaki, Nakata

ReverseSoda - Donny

UltimateGamerist - Sensei Ishbashi


  • Cojiro! Used by LP'er NintendoCaprisun.
  • Playing with sticks.
  • Men
  • Finder on a Mac. How expensive the Macs are.
  • Maaaaann!! From "Threw it on the Ground!" by LonelyIsland.
  • Screamo music.
  • Number Six in German.


  • LilBizi (Zonny Nguyen) was originally Nakata's voice actor, but SonCurran took it over.
  • Tamaki was supposed to be voiced by Emily Boulware, but SonCurran took it over.
  • CarbonKirby was the first voice actor for Donny, but ReverseSoda took it over.
  • Tamaki reads the disclaimer for this episode.


  • Scene 1:

Kirino: Swinging my stick, swinging my stick. If I wasn't a girl, I'd be swinging my-

Kojiro: Do you mind shutting the hell up?!

Kirino: Why? Was that your girlfriend, Sensei? What does she look like? Is she fat? Does she do Kendo and play with sticks like I do? 

Kojiro:  Well...She plays with sticks. I’m tired, just take it easy.

Kirino: And I’m bored, it’s so nice to meet you! Also, we won’t win any competitions at this rate. So why don’t you get off your butt and teach, Sensei?

Kojiro: You’re the only one here, you dumb f*&k! This class is an elective.

  • Scene 2:

Kojiro: I’m broke as hell… and this checkbook looks like the Finder on a Mac. How they can afford to pull that off, but not feed me?

*Busts ceiling light*

Kojiro: My last light bulb…