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March 15, 2012 - Present




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S1 - (Ep. 01-05) 3/15/2012 - 10/30/2014

S2 - (Ep. 05.5-12) 11/29/2019 - ???

Bamboo Blade Abridged is based upon the Bamboo Blade anime series. BBA is a direct parody with some characters and plot lines remaining relatively unchanged. Some characters like Tamaki Kawazoe and Sensei KOJIRO! have completely different personalities. The series alternates between the FUNimation Dub, and the originality of the team.

The humor and writing is much different compared to Claymore Unserious, an abridged series that runs along side of BBA. The writing style for Bamboo Blade Abridged is somewhat "Anti-Humor." The series will run along side Claymore Unserious on the DancingMonkeyPDTV YouTube Channel.

Bamboo Blade Abridged is about an old Kendo teacher seeking 5 girls to build the ultimate team to defeat his Senpai's team of girls for sushi and lightbulbs, then eventually competitions.


Bamboo Blade Abridged Meme 09

Miya Miya and Donny from Bamboo Blade Abridged.

 Bamboo Blade Abridged was originally created by SonCurran and RadioKhmerSitya from DancingMonkeyPDTV back in December 2011. The video and audio is edited by Curran Son. On Episode 2, the video was edited by Sarcastic Lynx. The Intro for Season 1 Bamboo Blade Abridged is edited by Sarcastic Lynx using the song Caramelldansen. The series was edited with Sony Vegas Pro and Logic Pro 9 for Audio in episodes 1-3. The series was then edited with Final Cut Pro X and Logic Pro X from episode 4 on for more precise editing.

Episode 5 was released after almost a 2 year hiatus. The new episode features a brand new intro created by DigitalXKeyblade (Utsu) using the original "Bamboo Beat" song. The new episode also features a never before seen Outro/Bumper. The ending credits were similar to episode 4's but with more effects.

In September 2019, 5 years after episode 5, ReverseSoda and Curran decided that they wanted to bring Bamboo Blade Abridged back for a new season. Most of the original cast returns, but with some new voice actors joining the cast, bringing a new light to the series. Episode 5.5 was released, starting Season 2. The template and design choices were based largely similarly to how Episode 5's editing style was. This will continue for the rest of the season. After the release of Episode 5.5, plans for episode 6 is in the works, but also a Rehash of the first 4 episodes will be created to make up for writing and editing issues found in earlier episodes.

Voice Cast[]

Character Bios[]

Bamboo Blade Abridged Meme 06

"This checkbook looks like the finder on a Mac."

Sensei Toraji Ishida (KOJIRO!): [SD2Productions][]

  • First Appreaance - Episode 1
A teacher from the Muroe High School Kendo team who's very poor. He's a laid back guy and doesn't really care about what's going on. He gets into a bet with his senpai Ishibashi from high school, that if Kojiro's team of girls wins a Kendo match with Ishibashi's team of girls, he'd win a year's supply of Sushi and Lightbulbs. To the other students on the Kendo team, he's not much of a teacher.

Kirino Chiba: [Sarcastic Lynx][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 1
  • Color Code: Yellow (Blond)
The Team Captain on the Muroe High School Kendo Team taught by Sensei Kojiro. Kirino is also the longest running student on the Kendo Team. She's a very hyperactive girl, but is also a subconscious smart aleck (or so it seems), especially towards Kojiro. She knows the rules of Kendo inside out like a book, and is a complete genius at it, even though she seems like a stereotypical ditsy blond.

Tamaki Kawazoe: [Curran Son][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 1
  • Color Code: Red
Tamaki Kawazoe, is a rude little girl, with a lot of attitude, cruelty, impatience unlike the original anime. Though she is still a bit soft-spoken, she doesn't take any orders from anybody, even her father, unless it has to do with Kendo. She is the strongest member of the Muroe High School Kendo Team and has a bit of a hate for Kojiro. 

Miyako Miyazaki (Miya Miya): [Meghan Nigrelli][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 2
  • Color Code - Pink
The girl who sounds like a guy in the Bamboo Blade Series, although the Muroe High School Kendo team doesn't mind it. She was brought in by her boyfriend, Donny. She is revealed to be a Sadist with a split personality like the original anime, but even more exaggerated. She also has the ability to transform into a Super Saiyan. So far, it's only clear that Saya, Toyama, and Iwasa know of her transformation. She's usually a polite girl who loves to be with her friends, and could even be the voice of reason sometimes. 

Donny Eiga: [ReverseSoda][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 1
  • Color Code - Yellow
Donny's a short and stubby guy who's a freshman at Muroe High School. He's the boyfriend of Miya Miya whom he cares deeply for. Donny has an extreme case of ADHD, as displayed in Sakaguchi's Kendo Shop where he could not control himself from keeping his hand to himself. He's new at Kendo and will do his best to stick with it.

Yuuji Nakata: [Curran Son][]

  • First Appearance: Episode 1
  • Color Code - Blue
Yuuji Nakata is referred to in the original series by Yuuji, In the abridged version, it is switched to Nakata for the other characters to pick fun at by pronouncing it wrong, or getting it wrong altogether. Nakata is weird boy who apparently takes interest in Tamaki. He takes pity in Kojiro's Lightbulb and Sushi bet by Ishibashi.

Sayako Kuwahara: [Sa~Chan][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 4
  • Color Code - Blue
Saya is the 2nd longest running member on the Muroe High School Kendo team. She is Kirino's best friend, and is very loyal to all of her friends. She's known to have many disorders, which make her act even crazier. Saya can also be a very dramatic loud mouth, and has a quick temper when she has her moments.

Sensei Sakaguchi: [ReverseSoda][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 3
Sakaguchi is a former Kendo teacher who teaches the 'old school' way. Sensei Kojiro dislikes him for being a better teacher than him, and with his harsh training regiments. Sakaguchi owns a Kendo shop in town. He apparrently loves to eat Red Bean Mochi's, or Red Bean Bánh Bao's. He can't stand when people eat his food.

Sensei Ishibashi: [Grant Olson][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 1
Sensei Ishibashi is an old friend of Kojiro's who places a bet with him. He teaches 2 high school Kendo teams, which Kojiro is impressed by. Ishibashi has an asshole like personality, but is also a cool guy. He's mostly known to not give a f*ck, and for displaying his infamous iDungivafuk-O-Meter from Guava.

Tamaki's Father: [XKuroiXMasayoshiX][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 2
The father of Tamaki. He runs Kawazoe Dojo, and has trained Tamaki to be a Kendo Master from the age of 4. Him and Tamaki seem to have a very distinct relationship, as Tamaki doesn't take what he says into account. Him and Tamaki are a semi-black/japanese cultured family, so it seems, since he usually plays old school hip hop in the mornings, and they both have a bit of 'ebonic speech.' It is hinted (Episode 3) that Tamaki's father's been in the military because he seems to follow orders immediately when someone gives him a command.

Toyama: [SliceOfDog][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 2
Toyama's the sexy guy in the school that girls really'd love to go out with. But he has a bit of a problem, he's a psychopathic sadist. Unlike Miya Miya, this is always his personality. He gets off on causing pain to freshman. He usually hangs with Iwasa.

Iwasa: [Ninjaheart100][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 2
Iwasa is Toyama's friend whom he hangs out with. Iwasa is actually a rich entrepeneur and owns a huge fast food business line called "Iwasa Burger Shop," a parody of Hooters. His personality seems to be laid back, but very sarcastic. He also gets bored of Toyama's evil schemes and tries talking him out of them. Sometimes he doesn't say a word.

Red Braver: [SliceOfDog][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 3
  • Color Code - Red
He is the leader of the Blade Bravers from the show that Tamaki watches called, "Super Sentai Squad: Blade Bravers!" A parody of the Power Rangers, respectively.

Death Armor: [Grant Olson][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 3
Death Armor is the Antagonist of the show "Super Sentai Squad: Blade Bravers!" and is the enemy of the Brave Bravers. Tamaki watches this show every morning. He's your typical cartoon villain who doesn't know when to give up after getting defeated so many times.

Cubey (Neko): [Kimmy13r][]

  • First Appearance - Episode 1 (First Voiced in Episode 3)
Cubey is a random kitty who appears in random scenes of Bamboo Blade Abridged. She has a very lustful and sophisticated personality with "Queen's English" accent.
Bamboo Blade Abridged Meme 04

Tamaki and her dad.

Episode List[]

Season 1[]

Episodes Written by Release Date
Episode #01: "Quote on Quote: Adorable Girls"




March 15, 2012

Episode #02: "Hello Chirrens!"


SonCurran, ReverseSoda August 21, 2012

Episode #03: "Beating Sempai, Beating Buns, Beating It!"


SonCurran, UltimateGamerist, ReverseSoda October 28, 2012
Episode #04: "4 Walls, 4 Girls, 4/20"


SonCurran, UtlimateGamerist, RevereSoda April 22, 2013
Episode #05: "If Kojiro Do Right,'Ishibashi Cannot Defense" SonCurran,



October 30, 2014

Season 2[]

Episodes Written by Release Date
Episode #05.5: "Lost Episode" SonCurran,



November 29th, 2019
Episode #06: "Lightbulbs and Sushi" SonCurran,'ReverseSoda,


ETA: March 2020
Episodes #01-04 "REHABILITATED" SonCurran,'ReverseSoda,



Bamboo Blade Abridged: Side Stories[]

This series was created by ReverseSoda from DancingMonkeyPDTV. These are extra parody shorts that are non-cannon to the storyline.

Episode 1: The Phone Call (2012): Donny uses Sakuguchi's phone to try and order a burger from Iwasa's Burger Shop, but gets the wrong number everytime.

Episode 2: BBA Returns! (2013): This was a promotion for the new episode of Bamboo Blade Abridged. The short featured Donny being locked up for some time, while Nakata was talking to a Fake Donny.

Episode 3: Cubey's Special Message (2013): Cubey the neko, makes a special message to all of her fans!!

Episode 4: Halloween 2014 Special (2014):This episode being released within a day of the premiere of Bamboo Blade Abridged Episode 5, it again features a short adventure between Nakata and Donny. From trick or treating to pesturing Kojiro and Sakaguchi, they go at it again! This would be the last Bamboo Blade Abridged upload until 2019.


  • Disclaimer: At the beginning of every single episode, there is a disclaimer that says "The following is a non-profit fan-based parody. Bamboo Blade is owned by FUNimation, AIC A.S.T.A, TV Tokyo, and Masahiro Totsuka. Please support the official release." The disclaimer is read by a different character every 2 episodes.
    • Episode 1 & 2: Tamaki Kawazoe
      • "The following is a non-profit fan-based parody. Bamboo Blade is owned by their respective owners (FUNimation, AIC A.S.T.A, TV Tokyo, and Masahiro Totsuka) so shut the f*** up, because you guys be getting paid. Please support the official release."
    • Episode 3 & 4: Tamaki's Father
      • "The following is a non-profit fan-based parody. Bamboo Blade is owned by their respective owners (FUNimation, AIC A.S.T.A, TV Tokyo, and Masahiro Totsuka). We're not going to say their names because they might sue us or some sh*t like that...just start the f*cking show.
    • Episode 5: Ishibashi (UltimateGamerist)
      • "You really want me to read to you. I'm not reading this to you, you're not 6."
    • Episode 5.5: Ishibashi (Grant Olson)
      • "The following is a fan based parody. Bamboo Blade, Blamboo Blade, goddammit... We don't own the show!"
  • The intro music was played by SonCurran's former audio engineering professor, Timothy Cissell, music composer for the PBS series "Wishbone." The tune was updated slightly for Season 2.
  • Running Gags: A joke or a line common said throughout the series.
    • Nakata's Name: A gag in the series that Yuuji Nakata's name is usually pronounce wrong by people in this abridged series. He tries to correct them but they often don't pay attention to it.
    • "The f*&k you say?": A line that KOJIRO! says when someone blurts out something he doesn't like.
    • Iwasa's Burger Shop: In this abridged series, Iwasa, Toyama's friend, has a family owned fast food burger joint and full bar. Iwasa's Burger Shop even has a theme song that Iwasa himself sang in Episode 2: "If I were a burger, I would give all my love to Iwasa, let him touch me and..." he cut the song short by saying, "Mmm...burger..."KOJIRO! has only sung the first 5 words of the song, "If I were a burger, hmm hmm hmm hmm!" Donny while in Sakaguchi's Kendo Shop, has also said it in the background. The rest of the song was never sung in the series so far.
    • Guava (Brand Name): Guava is a brand name that is a parody of a combination of Apple and Microsoft products. They make their own AI-Phones (Artificial Intelligence Phone) and they make the very expensive Guava iDungivafuk-O-Meter that Ishibashi uses in the series to show how much he doesn't care about what somebody is saying. The Guava brand appears to manufactured the "720" which is a parody of the Microsoft's previously fan-named, next-gen console, the "Xbox 720", without the "Xbox." The 720 refers to the uncreative name as number '720' was merely doubled from 360. Sensei KOJIRO! appears not to like the game console very much.
    • Sticks/Hitting People: In this abridged series, "Playing with sticks" has to do with the team practicing Kendo since they swing bamboo Shinai or Sabuhachi (wooden swords).
    • Yelling: The original Japanese dub of Bamboo Blade has a lot of yelling in it, and this is also made fun of.
    • KOJIRO!: Sensei Toraji prefers that everyone calls him "Sensei KOJIRO!" (Ko-hee-ro) in a quick, "loud and proud" manner. His ego causes him to demand that even the school staff should call him KOJIRO! He usually excuses the tone, but if they pronounce KOJIRO! wrong, he will correct them abnoxiously as possible to have it drilled into their heads...forever. 
    • Elective/Life: KOJIRO gets side tracked as he's trying to get all the members of his Kendo team to class. He's so focused on that subject that it has messed with his wording. Instead of saying "His/her life depends on it," he says "His/her elective depends on it!" Kirino usually tries to correct KOJIRO! to say the correct term.
    • Beat it!: Literally means, "go beat off!" Tamaki and Nakata says this line most of the time.
    • iDungivafuk-O-Meter: A device created by Guava that Ishibashi uses to show how much he "gives a f*ck."
  • More Random Trivia
    • Tamaki is voiced by a guy.
    • Some of the music was originally composed by SonCurran.
    • Episode 2 was edited by Sarcastic Lynx.
    • Carbon Kirby, an LPer and Abridger was originally casted as Donny from Bamboo Blade Abridged. He was invited by TheFuchsiaFox, but was cut from the group because of disagreements. Carbon Kirby was then instantly replaced by ReverseSoda.
    • Since TheFuchsiaFox, (MaitreBenoit) (Dusk) left DancingMonkeyPDTV, Episodes 4's script changed dramatically and KOJIRO! is now voiced by SD2Productions.
    • When Saya calls Kirino on her phone in episode 4, the song Shinitagari (You Wanna Die?) by Miku Hatsune sounds as her ringtone. This is of course a cover of the song sung by Devil's Angel who has never released the full song and is also Kirino's voice actress.
    • Tamaki actually cheated in the battle against Toyama in Episode 2. After someone scores a point in Kendo, the contestants must return to starting position to begin the next round. Tamaki's cheating is an indirect reference to the Yugioh Abridged series where Kaiba summons two monsters on the field at the same time.
    • Episode 5 features a new format for Bamboo Blade Abridged with a new intro and a first time ever outro bumper. This format would also be the staple for Season 2 onwards.
    • The bun KOJIRO ate in Episode 5 was actually a phone, hence the lightning static.
    • Ishibashi is illiterate.
    • Bamboo Blade Abridged continues 5 years after episode 5 and halloween short.
    • Vatthana (RadioKhmerSitya), was Miya Miya's original voice actor. He passed away in 2015.


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