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Bakemonogatari -The Abridged Series-
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Created by TailoftheDevil
Cast SageDream

Attalon Knight
Vy KuKuma

Run July 2016-
Episodes ?
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Bakemonogatari -The Abridged Series- is an abridged series of Bakemonogatari, the first season of the Monogatari Series. The series is written and edited by TailoftheDevil. It has one episode and is currently ongoing.

After two semi-failed attempts at abridging To Love-Ru and Black Cat, Bakemonogatari is TailoftheDevil’s first successful foray into abridging a series, with plans to eventually go back to the former series.

After watching other series for years, and being inspired by TeamFourStar and Something Witty Entertainment, TailoftheDevil decided on Bakemonogatari, as the series represented a challenge, with the series being extremely dialogue heavy and with infrequent moments of fourth-wall breaking within the original series. The series is a firm favourite of his, although he dreads if and when the day comes that he begins to abridge Kizumonogatari.

After uploading a trailer consisting of lines from the various auditions of the cast members he had accepted into his crew, the trailer video gathered a quick, if temporary, burst of popularity that encouraged TailoftheDevil to go through with the project. Due to university engagements, the series’s first episode was delayed until July 2016.


Hitagi Senjougahara - SageDream

Koyomi Araragi - TailoftheDevil

Meme Oshino - Attalon Knight

Shinobu Oshino - Vy KuKuma


  • TailoftheDevil's first attempts at abridging, To Love-Ru and Black Cat were placed on indefinite hiatus due to university engagements. He plans on returning to both series
  • The first episode's release was slightly delayed by TeamFourStar's #TIBA contest, as TailoftheDevil was editing Team Plus Ultra's 'My Zero Lackademia' submission for the contest, of which he is currently the team's editor
  • Bakemonogatari -The Abridged Series- represents TailoftheDevil's first attempt at voice acting, something he has wanted to try for a long time, but feels he needs much more practice before he can do any justice for the voice of Araragi