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Baccano! Teh Abridged Series!: Episode 9
Season 2, Episode 1
Air date 4/4/2012
Length 6:19
Created by Mattroks101
Written & Mixed by Mattroks101
Link Youtube
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Episode 10

Baccano! Teh Abridged Series! Episode 9 is the first episode of season two and is entitled "In Which Boxes Become Walmarts". It marks a giant leap in quality as far as editing goes and is one of the few episode Matt actually likes. Work on the episode began in February but when Matt switched to a new computer, he began experiencing man technical problems and so work on the episode was extremely slow. Even after the problems were fixed Matt continued to ignore his episode in favor of working on other projects such as Another Paraody and Electric Anime Batman Episode 2.

Once again, Matt combined episodes, this time it was episodes 9 and 10.


Legogirl11 - Ennis

The Postal Dude - Ladd

Mattroks101 - Everyone else


It was another well received episode with no major complaints. There was the small complaint of it being more of the same by some people but over all the reaction was very positive.