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Baccano! Teh Abridged Series!: Episode 7
Season 1, Episode 7
Air date 12/12/2011
Length 6:51
Created by Mattroks101
Written & Mixed by Mattroks101
Link Youtube
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Baccano! Teh Abridged Series! episode 7 was released over two months after episode six, and is entitled "In which there is a climax, of sorts". This delay was due mainly to Matt's lack of decision in whether he should do the episode or not. It was delayed even more by Matt starting his own interview series. This episode is unique because it does not focus on the main characters, but instead it focuses on most of the side characters Matt left out of his version. Miza and Szliard are the main characters here, and while Miza has appeared before, he has only spoken 4 lines.

The original the episode is a flashback to explain how the characters gained their immortality. In Matt's version, Gustav is having a flashback to how he got his moustache, which he doesn't have. This episode has nothing to do with the main "plot" and is basically a side story.


Episode 7 is the first time a character that is not played by Mattroks101 has had a major role. (While Ennis appears almost all the time, she hardly says more than 3 lines an episode)

HarrysFiddlesticks - The Demon

Mr. Skoringo - PWND Noob guy (Cameo)

Mattroks101 - Everyone else


  • This is one of Matt's personal favorite episodes.
  • At first, Matt despised this episode.
  • This and episode 8 are the two "worst looking" episodes, due to poor source footage. Everything in the episode appears to be very grainy.


The episode was well received. A few had minor complaints about the grainy video quality.