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Baccano! Teh Abridged Series!: Episode 6
Season 1, Episode 6
Air date 10/30/2011
Length 5:15
Created by Mattroks101
Written & Mixed by Mattroks101
Link Youtube
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Baccano! The Abridged Series! episode 6 came out a little over month after 5 and is entitled "In Which Walmart Greeters Become Involved". It had many delays due to not having the time to work on it. During this episode Matt was also experimenting with a new form of pacing, that he hoped would make the episode more understandable.


Episode 6 does not have the major cast the last episode had, only the original actors are present.

legogirl11 - Ennis

The Postal Dude - Ladd

Mattroks101 - Everyone else


This episode is notably the one best received of them all, second only to Episode 3 and Episode 9.


  • Matt originally thought that this episode would be poorly received. In fact he almost didn't upload it for fear of its poor reception. But in fact, this was Matt's best received episode up to this point.
  • The ending scene was created first
  • Even after the "Walmart greeters" leave, you can see the head of one of them in the background.