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Baccano! Teh Abridged Series!: Episode 3
Season 1, Episode 3
Air date 8/1/2011
Length 5:22
Created by Mattroks101
Written & Mixed by Mattroks101
Link Youtube
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Baccano! Teh Abridged Series! episode 3 was released a month after episode 2. Episode 3 took even longer to produce because Mattroks101 was busy with life and suffering from writers block. Matt said that he completed the first half then dropped for 3 weeks, then started working on it again. The episode was entitled "In which toothpaste becomes a fire hazard".


Episode 3 marks the first episode where someone other than Mattroks101 played a (non cameo) role. Legogirl11 played the character Ennis. As usual Ladd was voiced by sound bites of The Postal Dude and Mattroks101 played everyone else.


Episode 3 is by far the best received of all the episodes. With no complaints from anyone, this is considered one of Mattroks101's best.


  • The episode was scripted halfway, then dropped for a week, then finished. As a result the ending has little to do with the beginning.
  • Dallas's voice is based on Morgan's Son from None Piece.
  • This is the first episode to feature Legogirl11 as Ennis.
  • While the first half of the video has a script, the later half was not scripted.