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Baccano! Teh Abridged Series! Episode 1 (Redo)
Season 1, Episode 3

(This is technically the third episode of the show)

Air date 07/13/2011
Length 2:25
Created by Mattroks101
Written & Mixed by Mattroks101
Link YouTube
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Episode 2
Episode 3

Mattroks101 hated his first episode so much that he decided to remake it before he full began work on episode 3 of the series. The remake was radicaly different for the original being only 2 minutes instead of 5 and mainly feturing Gustav and Carol, who were barely in the original.


All parts were played by Mattroks101


  • The episode was not actually intented to be a real episode until late in production and was completed in 3 days.
  • The original video was going to be a troll video.