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Name Azurada23

azurada23 (often just called Azurada) is the creator of the first Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's abridged series, titled Yu-Gi-Oh! FD!s.

Prior to Abridging 5D's[]

Before he started his series, azurada23 mostly used his Youtube account to submit gameplay, etc. of Soulcalibur games. After noticing several abridged series after LittleKuriboh's, he found Sephirex's series and frequented Sephirex's message boards, often offering suggestions for jokes in for the upcoming episode.

Yu-Gi-Oh! FD!s[]

When talk came around of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, azurada23 was debating on which anime he should parody in order to start abridging, when 5D's came up as a plausible anime. azurada23 selected 5D's because it was untouched, having only just aired in Japan at the time. So he took the first episode and started work on his first abridged episode. He submitted the first abridged episode to youtube on April 19, 2008, with Sephirex posting his own one-shot of 5D's the night after.

The first episode received moderately positive reviews, so Azurada continued his series. To date the series has 7 episodes spanning at least 12 of the actual anime episodes. Videos related to his work include the FD!s Short: Boredom in Satellite, and his own one-year anniversary giving a top 10 countdown of moments from the series decided by his subscribers.

Cameo Appearances[]

Azurada has been involved with other abridgers, usually as participating as a cameo in their series.

  • Sephirex's Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged Generation X, as Gerard
  • Theresabulletinmyleg's Black Lagoon TAS, as Mr. Chin
  • Akatsuki Unlimited, a group (non-abridging) project that parodies the ventures of the Akatsuki organization from the Naruto series. Azurada voices Zetsu (both sides) in the project.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds One Shot Parody Special, as Guard #1

Azurada has also had abridgers cameo/co-star in his own series

  • kirtro, recurring in the series as Jin Himuro
  • FrickNinja, as the voice of Luca, in episode 7.
  • Nowacking takes FrickNinja's ppalce starting with episode 8
  • xbeetxabridgedx, in a cameo as Saix from DisOrganization XIII
  • Antfish, in the same beforementioned cameo, as Xemnas from DisOrganization XIII
  • LittleKuriboh, as "Jesse Wheeler," in episode 9


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