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GanXingba first created Avatar: The Abridged Series in June 2007, following a series of three shorts called "ATLA TV", released earlier in 2007. The first four episodes aired during the gap between the 2nd and 3rd season of the original Avatar: The Last Airbender cartoon, and episodes 5 to 7 aired while the 3rd season was still ongoing. During summer of 2012, GanXingba created a series of shorts called "Amon Video Interleave" focused on Amon from Avatar: The Legend of Korra, but there have otherwise been no further episodes since 2011.


Avatar Abridged is written and voiced by GanXingba. He was assisted by PsychoSilver from episode 5 to 8, and later by KaiserNeko from episode 9 to 11; both in the role of editor. The plot of the story is basically the same; however filler episodes have been reduced in size and significance. Often, two fillers are put together into one abridged episode. On 7/14/2010 the official website was announced (http://AvatarAbridged.com).


  • Aang: saying "yeah" in every sentence and trying to make sexual advances on Katara. He also thinks he is awesome and doesn't regret being the Avatar at all. Other characters often refer to him as "Kung fu Action Jesus", and he has a stalker.
  • Katara: Introduced to Aang as "the optimistic one", she's blind to Aang's love similar to the original. In episode 11 she gets tired of being the butt of sexist jokes and gains both a new voice and upgrade to her fighting ability.
  • Sokka: Introduced to Aang as "the skeptical one". He's shown as being the only logical character (i.e. points out how ridiculous it is to invent the armored tank before the hot air balloon), but his plans are ignored or proven wrong as the plot demands. An exception is the episode where he caught "stupid" as a disease.
  • Zuko: is portrayed as a whiny emo who only wants "daddy to love me" (though the word "emo" is only used once in episode 2). He insists on using the on-ship catapults instead of just firebending at Appa because it's "cooler"(even though the catapult aim is terrible)
  • Iroh: is stereotypically Jewish, which is ironic, because GanXingBa actually is Jewish in real life. He's also a womanizer.
  • Ozai: is a paranoid mad man who talks like a pro-wrestler.

Guest Stars[]

Episode 11 is the only episode to feature guest stars:


The opening music for all except one of the episodes was from the original Avatar series.

In Episode 4, a custom song, presumably called "Kung fu Action Jesus" was used because the main character's role and importance in the series is similar to that of a messiah.


Episode Air Date
Avatar Abridged Episode 1 Jun 20, 2007
Avatar Abridged Episode 2 Jun 28, 2007
Avatar Abridged Episode 3 Jul 17, 2007
Avatar Abridged Episode 4 Aug 15, 2007
Avatar Abridged Episode 5 Jan 2, 2008
Avatar Abridged Episode 6 May 12, 2008
Avatar Abridged Episode 7 Jul 7, 2008
Avatar Abridged Episode 8 Feb 7, 2009
Avatar Abridged Episode 9 Jun 18, 2009
Avatar Abridged Episode 10 Oct 4, 2009
Avatar Abridged Episode 11 Mar 21, 2011



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