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Eren Gets Eaten

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  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • The "My leg!" sound clip from Spongebob
  • Full Metal Jacket
  • Pacific Rim
  • It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia


Shadis: Alright Aryan coconut, what's your name?
Armin: Ar Ar Arararar--
Shadis: Well sweet Mother Teresa on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz! You sound like a majestic fucking eagle! Do you sing?
Armin: I-I-I--
Shadis: Harmonize with me, maggot!
Armin: I don't know if I ca--
Armin: AHHHHHHHH! (Shadis turns his head around)

Eren: No, but seriously, fuck Jean. I hate him.
Reiner: Yeah, he is kind of a prick. But he is good at what he does.
Armin: Being a prick?
(All laugh)
Reiner: You know who gives the best advice on gears? Bertoldt right here.
Bertoldt: Wha? Oh. Um, I'll just Bertell you what I Bertoldt him. You just gotta go out there and do it. Just loosen up and be tight at the same time.
Eren: And that's it?
Armin: Ah, you know what? He makes a good (incoherent rambling) he makes a good point (incoherent rambling).
Reiner: Ha ha ha, this guy's great.
(Cut to Eren on the 3D Maneuver Gear)
Shadis: Well sweet Pacific Rimjob, look at you, Jaeger! You're all loose and tight at the same time. Jean! Why can't you be more like Jaegar Bombbastic over here!

(Eren knocks Reiner down in a training exercise.)
Reiner: Ahaha, nice. Now it's your turn to be the starving orphan with the knife.
Eren: Don't you think the title of this training is a little inappropriate?
Reiner: Don't you think you should be trying to stab me for food, you orphan?
Jean: (offscreen) I'm not gonna fight you. You're dirty! (Gets punched) Ow!
Reiner: Oh hey, look who's trying to skip out on training.
Eren: Well, if it isn't Bitchface McGee.
Reiner: Dude.
Eren: What?
Reiner: She is totally a bitch. (To Annie) So, by being an unlikeable bitch, do you think people are gonna like you ironically?
(Annie stares angrily then knocks Eren down.)
Eren: Why me?
Reiner: Dude, look at how big I am. I'm a beast.
(Annie knocks Reiner down.)
Reiner: Oh, you bitch!
Eren: (thinking) I don't have a witty retort for that. That's just funny.

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