A team of likeminded fans and writers, Arrogant Dubs is a YouTube channel founded in September of 2017. Their content portfolio currently consists of Fullmetal Abridged (A parody of the original Anime run Fullmetal Alchemist) and a dub of the cult classic video game Doki Doki Literature club.


  • ShintouGenesis
  • Cashryn Sins

Production Cast: ShintouGenesis: Show-runner, Scripting, Video Editor

CashrynSins: Audio Engineer

StarlightHD: Video Editor

Jamiethecomic: Trailer Creator

AnimatedArtisan: Custom Frames

Voice Actors:

Animated Artisan: Armstrong

BearlyFamous: Jean Havoc Vactory: Mustang

Blythey: Winry, Child Winry

GuitArchon: Shou Tucker

Jinkies617: Milly

Level99RedMage: Riza

Venus.unicorn: Lust, Pinako, Gluttony

MonicaRachelle: Library Lady

MaliciousDestin: Edward

Nitrogoblin: Alphonse

Pandpuffs: Rose

RageQuit7901: Envy

Rainie: Nina, Alphonse (understudy)

RealmOfTheFigs: Basque

RioNO: Gracia

Ron Jeremy: Hoenhiem, Noenhiem

Sage Wilde: Meryl

ShintouGenesis: Cornello, Scar

Wildcat: Bradley

The Hero: Greed, Child Ed

ZaPanda: Kid


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