Abridged Series Wiki
Apocalypse Zero Abridged
Created by Chiissu & Dragon0466
Run March 07 2010-June 12, 2010
Episodes 2

The abridging of the 2 episode ova series form the mid 90s. Chiissu originaly only wanted to do Devilman and Violence Jack but after showing a yugioh buddy Dragon0466 a clip from it, he convinced Chiissu to abridge it. The script was written by Chiissu and changed by Dragon0466 to add things and ideas Chiissu may have missed. for ova 2, Dragon0466 wasnt able to contribute any idea with a busy schedual but did give the idea for the old man to be voiced like Herbert from Family Guy.


Much of the humor is referencing how other series are better than it of how they did the same plot points first. There are also many references to hokuto no ken and other shonen/seinen manga/anime. There are also a few refs to Harara's ambiguous gender and male organ removal.


Because Chiissu couldnt find the english version or a raw version, the japanese version was usedc with subs and the subs were cropped out with VideoPad. The entire video was over 11 minutes so it had to be split into 2 halves to be put on youtube at the time.


Chiissu did most of the voices and tryed to give Kakugo a similar sounding voice as in the Dub. Haoka was kind of done like Tristain from yugioh TAS meets boss from Mazinger Z. Prezsama returned to voice Harara(a hermaphrodite like Blue), Horie, Kakugo's Dad and the fat chick however his computer caused an buzz noice that was mostly edited out but still had some left and caused distortions in the voice. His Horie lines were recorded at Chiissu's home so they did not have the same issue. Chiissu feels it gives an otherworldly feel to them. Christop had a few parts as the minor character kids, jackel(refered to as the same guy from Hokuto no ken abridged kinda) and a virgin punk.