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Animassacre Entertainment
AnimassacreEntertainment (Manga Entertainment Parody)

Years Active:

December 2022 - Present


VegetaSasuke0, UnforgivenRonin, Pzykosiz, & DeWarioFreak.



This article is about the group known as Animassacre Entertainment, co-created by VegetaSasuke0 & UnforgivenRonin. The group's tag line is "Butchering anime classics since day 1".


VegetaSasuke0 & UnforgivenRonin had been trying to create an abridged series or parody for almost 10 years by the time they decided on a Street Fighter II parody, to which they came up with the idea to get some of their friends involved. The group was then founded in December, 2022 after comments by VegetaSasuke0, by which he stated that the group was a group of "abridged idiots", as they felt they were abridged outcasts who felt like they were their own breed of content creators. VegetaSasuke0 came up with the name, taking inspiration of "Manga Entertainment", as well as "Cinemassacre". On December 11th, 2022, the official YouTube channel was created.

On December 29th, 2022, a trailer for their Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Parody trailer was released, which showcased the tone of what they believe the full parody will bring. In 2023, upon waiting for lines to be completed for Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie Parody, VegetaSasuke0 decided to introduce the idea of parodying the reboot of Rurouni Kenshin, reusing an old work in progress title he had been wanting to use since 2012, entitling the series "Rurouni Kenshin - The Anti-Dub".

On March 27th, 2024, the group released episode 1 of Rurouni Kenshin - The Anti-Dub, which has garnered favorable comments from the abridged/parody community.


Main Members[]


  • AbridgedCherrii
  • OreimoVA



  • They consider their group a parody of TeamFourStar, Cinemassacre, & Manga Entertainment.
Animassacre Entertainment