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Angel Beats! Insanity is a Parody Series of the anime Angel Beats!, The channel was initially a collaboration with the Creator of Green Green Abridged and DearS Abridged Devilkicksanji2 and Editor/Voice Actor InsanitySanctum.

DevilishInsanity was born, and Angel Beats! Insanity is the first Parody from the Team.

The Parody Is Written by devilkicksanji and Edited by insanitysanctum (Ep1+2), Stormblade13 (Ep3+4), and Redbeast13 (Ep5+).

Through many trials, the parody has had ups and downs due to losses from editors and VAs alike. However, Devilkicksanji2 has continued the series. Made as a "love letter" to one of Devilkicksanji2's first abridged appearances, TeamAARU's Angel Beats Abridged (playing Noda and Takamatsu), Angel Beats Insanity incorporated many TeamAARU members as well as recognizable abridged creators over the years. Angel Beats Insanity is a parody that hopes to not only make people laugh but also tear up, just as the original.


  • devilkicksanji2- TK,Noda,Takamatsu
  • insanitysanctum (Ep1+2), PyrOMG (Ep3), RandomHero (Ep4+) - Otonashi
  • BlueRockAngel100 (Ep1+2), Sydsnap (Ep3), Alifluro (Ep4+) - Yurippe
  • cutelittlechibi (Ep1+2), Sakiseshy (Ep3+) - Angel
  • Ryuzakimk7 (Ep1-6), BektostheBlackBlade (Ep7+) - Hinata
  • MrSkoringo - Fujimaki
  • Darkwolfblade7 (Ep1), Xcaliborg (Ep2+) - Oyama
  • sandersthepimp - Matsushita
  • Zero-Q - Iwasawa
  • G15Manitou - Shina
  • AimiHime (Ep1), YashaXMETAS (Ep3+) - Yusa
  • Kitaruful (Ep1-6), N-13 (Ep7+) - Hisako
  • kendall916 - Irie, Sekine
  • magicalhelena - Yui
  • Mandos - Char
  • SkyYuyo - Takeyama
  • wander130 (Ep4-6), YashaXMETAS (Ep7+) - Naoi


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