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Anax of Rhodes[]


Anax is a retired abridger and voice-actor.  His most notable project is Abridgelion, a Neon Genesis Evangelion parody, ending with “End of Evangelion.” He has also made a one-shot parody of "Ninja Scroll," called Ninja 'Scridged; and a one-shot parody combining "Sword of the Stranger" and "School Days," called Stranger Days.


Abridgelion (own) – Shinji, Toji, Aida, the Dr. (Ritsuko), Asuka, several minor roles; director, writer, main editor

Ninja 'Scridged (own) - Tessai, Ninja 2; director, writer, main editor

Stranger Days (own) - No-Name; director, writer, main editor

Attack On Titan Abridged (Colonel Cubbage) – Eld/Some Dude, several minor roles

Abridging the Rebellion (Copley, StarKhan) – extra soldier voice

Diabolik Lovers Abridged (ADHDgonewild7) – Shuu



Anax of Rhodes


The name “Anax” just sounded cool. "of Rhodes" just sounded cooler.

Anax represented the straight, white, male, conservative, Christian, American minority on AbridgedForums.com.

Anax works as a geologist at a copper mine in the barren, deserted, desert wasteland of Not-Phoenix, Arizona.

Anax will not be abridging the Evangelion Rebuilds.

Anax is a current events junkie who will no doubt one day die of political overdose.

Anax just wants to grill, man.