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Amagi Brilliant Park Abridged

Created by

Pika Cheeks

Voices by

Otaku D. Furiku






Amagi Brilliant Park Abridged is a parody of Amagi Brilliant Park created by Pika Cheeks. 


Originally worked on in early June 2016, it was meant to be for TIBA, however due to being unable to find voice actors and having not enough time, it didn't compete. However it was still being worked on and the first episode was released in February 2017.



Amagi Brilliant Park Abridged is a parody of Amagi Brilliant Park. Kanye West and 50 Sent have to save Princess Latifa by managing a failing theme park and reach a quota of 250,000 guests within 3 months or it would be contracted into the hands of Chris Tucker who plans on tearing the park and building a temple dedicated to himself with a statue of him drinking coffee next to it. The main theme of the Abridged is about conflicting Egos and Intolerance for one another.


A few of the main characters in Amagi Brilliant Park, have their names be a reference to a famous black celebrity, such as Kanie Seiya is a reference to the rapper Kanye West (Kanie is said just like Kanye in Japanese and Seiya has a kanji in it that means "West"). Isuzu Sento is also a reference to another famous rapper, 50 Cent (Isuzu means "50 bells" while Sento, sounds like "Cent"). The concept of the Abridged is that all the characters that have their original name reference a famous black celebrity are referred to as what their name was referencing. 3 out of the 5 characters that have a name reference have their reference's likeliness, pop-culture references, drama and history incorporated into their character. For example, the main character is referred to as Kanye West and acts, sounds and roughly shares the same likes and dislikes of the real Kanye West. Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, also have a similar treatment. However Isuzu Sento and Princess Latifa share no likeliness to 50 Cent and Queen Latifah respectively, this was done to prevent to not overdo the gimmick and to avoid doing the common abridged troupe of a female character being voiced by a deep sounding male. Isuzu Sento is instead referred to as "50 Sent" to explain why she isn't taking on the persona of 50 Cent. It is explained that Kanye West took surgery in order to look like a Japanese high schooler. While Chris Tucker is explained to be able to change his appearance and voice at will because he is an actual wizard and antagonist of the series.


Kanye West - The main character of the series. He is a Japanese high school student who is a major narcissist and egomaniac. He was once black, until he decided to take surgery and look like a Japanese person. He wasted all of his money trying to clone himself so he could have sexual intercourse with himself. It is ambiguous whether he succeeded or not. He lacks empathy and sympathy for others and only thinks about himself and is constantly thinking "Kanye West is the sexiest person alive." He has to deal with the stigma he has for being known as a highly selfish and stupid person, at times it is deserved but at times it isn't.

50 Sent - A main character. She is sarcastic, sassy and has ulterior motives all the time. She enjoys tricking and belittling Kanye West a lot, due to his annoying nature. She is a little delusional at times, such as adamantly thinking croquettes are donuts, claiming to be the 50th Kira (Ambiguous whether or not she truly is) and believing that Princess Latifa is a hobbit, even though she's just short. She is secretly the previous park manager, before Kanye West takes the title. She is extremely hostile and mean to Kanye West because she is jealous of how successful he is. She has self-esteem issues and self-pity as well due to being a failure of a park manager. She has trouble expressing herself and would rather conceal her emotions and intentions and often answer with "Because reasons." She is not to be confused with 50 Cent, as she says she's 50 Sent with an "S" and shares no traits/qualities with the rapper.

Princess Latifa - A main character. She is a princess and owner of the park. She is seen as polite and cutesy. She tries to recruit Kanye West to become the park manager, however after many failed attempts, she shows her demonic and psychopathic side where she resorts to violence and knocked Kanye West out with a punch. She is secretly a massive fan of Kanye West and believes that he is a chosen one because of what he's said and done in the past.

Moffle - Another main character. He is a mascot working at the park. He is down to earth and seen as reasonable and is a huge fan of Linkin Park. However he has a hot temper and got infuriated when Kanye West bagged Linkin Park and kept referring to Moffle as edgy just because of him liking Linkin Park, even though he isn't at all. He has a strong hatred towards Kanye and the two would always be fighting/arguing with each other.

Salama - A supporting character. She is apart of Elementario and is the fairy of fire. She is laid back, indifferent and sassy. She is a major fan of Taylor Swift. She enjoys tweeting, gaming and memes. She has a strong hatred for Kanye as well because of what he did to Taylor Swift in the 2009 VMAs and wants him to apologize properly to Taylor. She speaks very little and often just says "Same".

Koboli - A supporting character. She is apart of Elementario and is the fairy of earth. She is a strong pacifist and believer of Confucianism and Christianity. She is polite, courteous and highly altruistic. She believes everyone has the potential to do great things and that everyone is inherently good. She often quotes Chinese Philosophy and The Bible, and may come across as preachy, however she is only doing so to teach the good morals that come from them and make her friends into better people, as everyone in the Abridged are hostile and mean to each other. She however comes across as preachy and annoying to her peers and is often treated badly by them and even killed at times but is able to come back to life due to her love for Jesus being so strong. Despite being the nicest character in the Abridged, she is treated the worst.

Sylphy - A supporting character. She is apart of Elementario and is the fairy of wind. She is highly energetic and is both autistic and a drug addict. She is often high and makes lots of pop-culture references, often being Pokemon.

Muse - A supporting character. She is apart of Elementario and is the fairy of water. She is level headed, friendly and enthusiastic. However she has a hot temper and often goes berserk at either stupidity or bigotry. She hates Kanye because of their first encounter with each other, with Kanye mistaking the fairies and her as sluts and calling her a ho who took too much dope. As the leader of Elementario, she tries to control her team mates but them being so difficult makes her flip out all the time.

Chris Tucker - The antagonist of the series. He is a businessman who is secretly a wizard who wants to get the theme park and turn it into a temple dedicated to himself. He is highly narcissistic and egotistical, so much so that it makes Kanye have a strong hatred for him. He is open to being a wizard however due to him always talking about how great he is and being highly pretentious, that no one believes him.


Episode Air Date
1 - Ni**as in Amagi 2/17/17
2 - Straight Outta Amagi 1/7/18
3 - Sex Dungeons N' Dragons 23/1/19


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