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Alternate Reality DragonBall Z is an online comedic DragonBall parody series, created by Gozar, which began on December 20'th, 2006. It takes clips from all 3 DragonBall series (Mainly DragonBall Z) and has voice overs by Gozar. ARDBZ is similar to the many "Abridged" Anime series out there in the general concept of humor. However it differs in one major way. Unlike the many Abridged series out there, ARDBZ does not stick to the Timeline of the original DragonBall series. One Episode could be based in the Saiyan Saga and the next in the Cell. In addition these Episodes have random plotlines and are not intended to always be a re-telling of a certain DragonBall event. However in recent times Gozar began doing multiple Episode Story Arcs that give Alternate Reality Re-Tellings of specific Sagas.


ARDBZ has 4 major Episode types.

  1. Random Episodes which have plot lines made up by Gozar and tell a random story.
  2. Saga Re-Tellings which are multiple Episode Story Arcs giving a Re-Telling of a specific DragonBall Saga (Saiyan, Frieza, etc.).
  3. Movie/Special Re-Tellings these are Episodes that give a Re-Telling of a specific DragonBall Movie or TV Special.
  4. Filler Episode Re-Tellings These are very similar to the Random episodes except they take a single Filler Episode from DragonBall (such as the classic Driving Test Episode) and give an Alternate Reality Re-Telling.

Characters & Outline[]


Unlike in the original series, Vegeta is the main character, hates Mystic Gohan (referring to "mystic" as a fan-term instead of a transformation) and steroids. However he does have a love for sprinkles and orange juice. He tells Trunks at one point that his only essentials are "pancakes, pulp-free orange juice, and Imodium." Vegeta is inconsiderate to others especially Goku, Gohan, and even Bulma. He has a tendency to take Christmas songs, and change the lyrics to vulgar ones. Vegeta couldn't care less about what happens to Krillin. He also has a show that randomly interrupts him called "Parenting with Vegeta," which explains how bad of a parent he is.


ARDBZ Goku, unlike in the anime is a bisexual (realizing this in the Cell Saga Retelling). Goku really hates his wife Chichi and hates his son Gohan (like most of the other characters). Goku decided that he wanted to marry Cell but Gohan wanted to kill him because he mispronounced the word "manga" and later when failed to do so, Raditz killed Cell before he blew up the whole world. Similar to the Goku in the anime he is still ignorant about anything sex-related. An example is when Chichi tells him she has a "bun in the oven," and Goku gets mad at her thinking she ate all the cinnamon buns.


  • Raditz - he is considered one of the main characters and he killed Cell in the retelling of the Cell saga. he has a habit of introducing himself and laughing for no reason at all (e.g. Bwahaha! I'm Raditz!)
  • Piccolo - he is a big Celine Dion fan (His father ordered EVERYONE to like her, before he was killed by Goku). Similar to the series, he is usually the voice of reason. Another similarity to the series is his hatred of Gotenks, always telling him to shut up. People think he has a small penis (Goku), or ask if his penis has those stripes like his arms, and does he can stretch it too (Gotenks)
  • Gohan - the others picking on Gohan is another difference, stating that he is a loser. This primarily evolved from the fact that he becomes "a mystic piece of crap" in the Buu saga.
  • Krillin - like Gohan, Krillin is seen being picked on by Vegeta. He is referred to as a dork by many other characters. And he is shown to have a crush on Chi-Chi.
  • Future Trunks - he stays practically the same as in the original Dragon Ball and complains when someone refers to the artificial humans as Androids (he calls them Jinzoningen, which is Japanese for cyborg, not android).
  • Freeza - it is not known if gay or straight, and the other characters complain about his inability to tell time (a reference to the anime, where Freeza states that Namek will blow up in 5 minutes, although it takes over 2 hours), hates being called "Frieza".
  • Cell - he is a homosexual and he's in love with Goku. His one weakness is Celine Dion music. His mispronunciation of the word "manga" made Gohan turn into a Super Saiyan 2.
  • Bardock - claims to be a (supposedly) brilliant scientist (a reference to the Saban/Funimation dub of Dragon Ball Z).
  • Kid Trunks - constantly refers to Piccolo, who he really hates, as a "douschemuffin", a word he apparently learned from his dad. He is also the only character that can understand Goten.
  • Goten - speaks backwards, which annoys Piccolo who yells at him to "SPEAK FORWARDS!!!"
  • Gotenks - he makes fun of Piccolo as much as Trunks, asking him if his penis has pink spots and can stretch and calling him a "horny son of a bitch" when they get knocked into a bathtub by Buu. He also makes "that's what he/she said" jokes when someone says something funny.
  • Gogeta - Vegeto - they are fused by the same person but different power level
  • Cyborg 18 - speaks like a man

Running Jokes[]

The most recurring is the Mystic Gohan joke which has been used since episode 2, the second most used is Piccolo's singing and Celine Dion. The most popular jokes are the Raditz jokes.

His catch phrase is "Bwa ha ha I'm Raditz" and was the one who defeated Cell (not Gohan like in the show). Parenting with Vegeta has been several times. Other jokes have been used such as "Yargh I be Bojack, the pirate" etc.

Freeza's Inability To Tell Time: This joke stems from the fact that the REAL DragonBall Z Anime had so much filler during the SSJ Goku/Freeza fight that it litterally took 9 Episodes for the Planet Namek to explode when it was supposed to explode in "5 Minutes". In ARDBZ Freeza is constantly showing his inability to tell time. Most of the time saying that "Only 5 minutes have passed" or "It'll only take 5 minutes", when he's not even close to being right. On one occasion he states that he's been down in Hell for "About 5 Minutes", to which Cell yells at him and tells him that it's been "Over 27 years". Goku also assumed this applied to Frieza's brother Cooler, who actually has a perfectly normal sense of timing.

Mystic/Mystic Gohan: The ultimate running joke in ARDBZ would have to be the whole Mystic Gohan (or sometimes just "Mystic" in general) joke. The joke began as a way to make fun of the Fan Term for Gohan after the Elder Kai awakens his hidden potential. However over time it has blown into an all out Mystic Gohan hatred. The joke started in Episode 2 with Vegeta getting mad about Gohan referring to himself as "Mystic". Since then it has been revealed that Vegeta hates all things Mystic and has since he was a little child. Mystic Gohan has become close to an antagonist of ARDBZ. Over the course of the series it has been revealed that even Kid Gohan had a fascination with things Mystic and even says he'd love to be Mystic. As a result in more recent episodes, Gohan in general has come to be mocked. The only version of Gohan that is an exception to being hated, is Future Gohan, as he never achieved the Mystic form. Future Gohan even mocked his alternate self, by taking comfort in the fact that he died while not being "a Mystic loser".

Piccolo's Love For Celine Dion and Love Songs: Alternate Reality Piccolo has a deep, deep passion for Celine Dion. She is his favorite singer and Piccolo would die for her if need be. If you mock Celine, Piccolo will get so angry, that he could very well be the strongest ARDBZ Character. Piccolo's favorite genre of music is "Love Songs".

Piccolo Singing: Piccolo has the tendency to start singing in ARDBZ. His love for Love Songs is sometimes too much to contain that he needs to break into song. Piccolo is actually a Professional Singer. He was discovered when he won "American Idol Z" in Episode 11. On occasion, a new CD of Piccolo's will be revealed, complete with him singing some of a song from it.

Things Don't Always Make Sense: In ARDBZ, a lot of the time, things don't make sense. There could be an Episode set in one Saga and they will talk about things or have memories of things that happen in later Saga's. Also, even though Villains are killed. In AR they still appear despite the fact that they should be dead. Cell has been killed on many different occasions and stated himself that it's "Alternate Reality" and he can come back as many times as he's written into the script. In addition, Raditz has been killed on many different occasions as a Villain, yet still shows up quite often and hangs out with the AR Z-Fighters. It has become that Raditz is kind of a good guy and a member of the Alternate Reality Z-Fighters.

Vegeta Appears in Every Episode: It has become an ARDBZ rule that Vegeta must make at the very least, 1 quick appearance in EVERY Episode. Vegeta has been in every single Episode to date EXCEPT the very first Episode. This running joke originates from Episode 7 where Vegeta pops up at the very end proclaiming that he's been in every Episode since #2 and is pissed off that he wasn't in that Episode. He is then informed that he IS in the Episode right now, to which he gives us a very memorable ending line.

Vegeta's Vulgar Christmas Songs: In each Christmas special, when Vegeta sings Christmas songs, he changes the lyrics to make them vulgar. Such as changing "silver bells" to "silver balls".

"Frieza" being prounced "Fry-zah": As noted in the Freeza saga trailer, "Freeza" is the correct spelling and "Frieza" not, so everytime the character says "Frieza", Freeza gets pissed off (specially in the kindergarden episode)


  • Gozar
  • Majin Bulgeta
    • Herself
    • Present Trunks (from episode 58)
    • Gotenks
    • Fasha (Episode 68)
  • Gozar's mother
    • Android 19 (Episode 39)
  • Gozar's sister
    • Chi-Chi

Episode list[]

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  • Many of Gozar's jokes were later reused in DBZA such as Goku and Cell being lovers, and the english name of Freeza being mocked, this is because TFS stuff respects Gozar's work. The same can be said with Gozar using TFS jokes as the narrator says "Holy black on an Popo" when Trunks is transforming to USSJ, or Popo's "pecking order" using that line when Super Buu arrives at the lookout. Gozar himself also has Takahata101 in an similair role to TFS's Nappa as Cooler's man Dore. Piccolo even mentions that Nappa when killing him
  • Bra is the only "end of Z" character to apear in the show, Uub is only mentioned as "mohawk loser boy" and Pan is nowhere mentioned
  • In Episode 62 Gozar is using footage of the polish version of DBZ, which isn't the first time he uses non japanese footage however, as he used footage from the german dub when 3rd Freeza attacks Naiccolo and wants to show everyone his final form (all other scenes seems to be from the now closed Dragon Ball Arena italian website, which Gozar himself mentioned, hence why the "italia uno" logo in some episodes)

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