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This article is about the voice actor and abridger Al-Kohai (also known as Konsonsmug). Al-Kohai started his abridging career in GrimReaperSakura's CyberTeam in Akihabara abridged.


Creation Of Soulreaveteam[]

After Many Cameos in GrimreaperSakura's, and Chimera yuri's Abridges he finally decided to make his own Abridge Series. On Sep 11 2009 He, Konson1, Grimreapersakura, Chatoiz Child Created Soulrevaer Team for Al-kohai's Inuyasha Abridged which released October 17, 2009, and to this day has received over 4,000 views on youtube. The Scheduled release of Episode 2 was delayed due to the disappearance of the Key Editor ChaotizChild. On january 10th 2011 Al-Kohai announced that Inuyasha Abridged would be on Haitus, but that it would be replaced with FullMetal Alchemist , And FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood Abridged, and opened auditions on the public On April 8th 2011 for FullMetal Alchemist and Brotherhood Abridged, In which new members such as HellsDimentio, UchihanHotshot,and AnimeVoiceKiddo joined the ranks TheSoulreaverTeam.


  • Alphonse Elric
  • Edward Elric
  • Inuyasha
  • Scar
  • Body Guard In Murder Princess
  • Teacher In CyberTeam
  • Random Shota in ChimeraYuri's KNJ Kuro Specail
  • Gluttoney
  • Shippo