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Projects[edit | edit source]

AinSopherAur33 created a Hellsing Abridged in 2010/2011 but took it down for unknown reasons. Before and since, he mainly released mashups and other music-related projects on his YouTube channel. 

Team Four Star[edit | edit source]

In 2009, he created a tribute music video to Team Four Star (since removed) called "DBZ Abridged Rockin' It Out" featuring DBZ Abridged characters "singing" and playing guitars. Since then, he has provided help with music and sound effects for many of Team Four Star's videos, including episodes of DBZ Abridged and Hellsing  Abridged.

At Team Four Star's portion of the closing ceremony of Youmacon 2013, TehExorcist announced that he and AinSophAur33 were officially joining the group.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • According to Twitter, he is "The shadowy audio guy from Team Four Star, called in when things get too hot for normal editors. Always carries a microphone and a bazooka in his pocket.
  • His username comes from Emil Castagnier's Mystic Arte Extension from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of The New World of the same name, which also means "Light without limit."
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