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This article is about the retired abridger known as Adultnature (also currently known as Adultnature89).


Fan-Made Music Videos (2005 - 2006)[]

adultnature started on YouTube back in December 2005 making fan made music videos but this didn't gradually gain his popularity on YouTube.

Kingdom Idol (2006 - 2007)[]

adultnature began looking on YouTube for something interesting to watch, he came across a fan made Kingdom Hearts parody talent show entitled 'Kingdom Idol' and was created by 'OtakuEmi'. After watching the first 2 episodes of the show, he decided to make his own version of Kingdom Idol and to make sure he didn't rip off OtakuEmi's version, he altered the format by expanding the length of the competition and adding in result shows to add in more tension on who's going through to the next round of the competition.

Season 1 ran from October to December 2006 with 8 contestants who are Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Namine, Mickey, Goofy and Donald. In the Season 1 final, Sora was named the winner and Riku was named the runner-up. After the first season was completed, adultnature didn't expect the viewing figures to be so high. Combining the episodes and the result shows, the first season had over 150,000 viewing figures. Because of this success, adultnature commissioned a second season.

Season 2 ran from May to July 2007 with 6 returning contestants who are Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Namine and Mickey and 2 new contestants who are Xemnas and Ansem. The show also had a sister show created by adultnature good friend 'youdakid91' and it was entitled 'Kingdom Idol 2: The Aftermath'. It had youdakid91 interviewing eliminated contestants from the second season after each result show. In the Season 2 final, Kairi was named the new Kingdom Idol whilst Roxas was named the new runner-up. The second season didn't receive many viewing figures as the first season but it did have a moderate success.

A special was made in October 2007 to mark the first anniversary of Kingdom Idol, it had 3 contestants who made it to the final before but failed to take the crown and they were Riku (Season 1), Roxas and Namine (Season 2). The special was won by Namine.

Season 3 was originally comissioned to run from January to April 2008 with 10 contestants who are Sora, Riku, Kairi, Roxas, Namine, Mickey, Xemnas, Ansem and the return of Donald and Goofy but was canceled due to adultnature's account being suspended.

A year later, adultnature made a new account named 'adultnature89' and made a statement video and it said... 'A year ago, I realised that my account got suspended and I am devastated by this because I made a choice before my account got suspended that I would cancel Kingdom Idol for good. Well, now it is the time for the show to rest in piece. If I re-uploaded all the episodes of Season 1 and 2 on a new account, nobody will watch them because it doesn't give them the same excitement. I've had a great time doing Kingdom Idol and I'm sure you had a great time watching and voting. Well, that's all guys. Kingdom Idol is gone forever. Goodbye, Good luck in the future and remember...keep rocking!' And with that statement video made, Kingdom Idol was no-more.

Gunslinger Girl The Abridged Series & Comeback (2009 - Present)[]

After the statement video he made, adultnature then started to find something new that he could do in future videos with his new account to make a YouTube comeback. After a week of searching something new to do on YouTube, he came across a Sailor Moon Abridged series made by Megami33 and after watching episodes of it, he decided to make an abridged series of his own.

adultnature looked through his anime DVD box sets to find an anime that hasn't been abridged yet and about 10 minutes later, he found an anime that is not well known and feels that it should be well known by abridging it and it is called 'Gunslinger Girl'.

Gunslinger Girl The Abridged Series might go out in the summer depending on adultnature's schedule. This will be adultnature's debut in voice acting on his own project.

As of this moment there have been no updates on Gunslinger Girl The Abridged Series, and adultnature's current abridging status is unknown.


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