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Adamwestslapdog (Real name George "the dinosaur" as he is almost as old as SXAbridged who is refered to as "RNA") is one of the popular early abridgers, being YouTube's 24th most subscribed UK comedian of all time for a while in 2010. AWLD started with Resident Evil 4 Abridged (complete), before moving on to his most popular and influential series: abridging Ocarina of Time (complete) and Majora's Mask (complete) from The Legend Of Zelda series. AWLD is also known for mainly utilising free software, such as MS Paint, Audacity and Windows Movie Maker, while still producing a successful series. He owns Sony Vegas but feels that by not using it, he is ensuring the quality of his work persists. This approach to abridging makes said process appear easy and accessible to newcomers, leading to the creation of many other series, (many of these are based on the Zelda series, making it the most abridged franchise of all time, though Pokemon is close).

Adamwestslapdog was interviewed by Chicknwings in April 2009, as part of The Abridged Community (T.A.C.) Interviews.

Adamwestslapdog's Projects[]

  • Resident Evil 4 Abridged (11 Episodes: 2007) Adamwestslapdog's first abridged series.
  • Legend of Zelda: TAS (2007 - 2008) AWLD's second abridged series. Spanning from Link's burning down the Great Deku Tree to Ganon's curse, Link was a moron who thought Zelda liked him. Also, Link thought that Ingo at the ranch was Luigi.
  • Majora's Mask: TAS (2008 - 2019) AWLD's third abridged series. Spanning from when Link travels through the Lost Woods to when when he kills Majora (unoccured), Link is still a moron. He now thinks he found Navi when he meets Tatl. He also believes that Tatl knows where the pop tarts are. There have been large gaps between the most recent videos, and the series was completed with a span of 11 years.

Guest Appearances[]






  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Abridgerty (by LordQuadros): Metal Gear RAY (ep. 0, 10 & 11)


  • Trigun Abridged: Reverse Face Man (ep. 10)
  • Rose of Versailles Abridged: Mercy (ep. 22), Nicolas (ep. 24)
  • One Piece Parody Arcs: Blueno, Pirate Captain, Franky Family Member (ep. 1)