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Acid Dude
Name Acid Dude
Age 22
Location Missouri
Other Links https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyXQu-plxXodm_CXV2Dadnw

Acid's beginnings[]

AcidDude1232 has been an abridged fan since the very beginning. He was interested in the work of LittleKuriboh, the original dynamic duo (what he refers to as Masako and Vegeta as), Lanipator, sephirex, funkymcfunk, SolBlade00, GanXingba, and CanadianJutsu's early work with Naruto Shippuden. Then, in the summer of 2007, Acid lost his online priveliges. He did not regain them until over a year later. By that time, he noticed the community was much, much larger. Acid began to discover the work of people such as Iartlife, PokemonAbridgedFTW, khenpoe, and hbi2k (who quickly became one of Acid's major influences). Acid searched certain parts of the web in order to locate help in the editing and voices departments. He found an editor in Tyler1337Admin (whom had to step down due to being overflowed with projects) and VAs (and also very good friends) in such people as hokagetitan (from Just5Guys, AlchemicReactionTeam, GodessofCupcakes, The Abridged Uppercut), ChibaRyou (Shadowstar Narutaru TAS, TeamRocketFTW) and Gozar. Thus, TeamJajanken (spelled JaJaken in the account name due to an unfortunate typo made by HT) was born. The pilot for Hunter x Hunted (Hunter x Hunter abridged) was released in late January.

Acid's Return as RaguocUltimate[]

Due to personal issues, Acid stopped abridging and went along with his life, but a fire still burned in him for the hobby. In 2014, he released the first episode of Texhnolyze the Abridged Series on a new account named RaguocUltimate.

Projects involved with[]

Hunter x Hunted- TeamJaJaken: writer, voice of Killua, Chrollo Lucifer, Silva, Kikyo, Kite, 2nd Narrator, Sommy, Netero, Satotz, Ivlenkov (Discontinued)

Naruto Shippuden Abridged- Ninetailedproductions: voice of Kankuro and Pain

Texhnolyze Abridged: Writer, Editor, Director

Special Appearences[]

Code Geass Abridged- TeamSupeSharu: random noble

Akira the Advertised Movie- NewLameCinema: random protester (Little known fact: the character was given a Russian accent for no apperent reason)