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Accelerated MINT is an abridged parody of Accel World created by pzykosiz under the Youtube channel IAmPzykosiz. The parody largely ignores the plot in favour of it's own randomness, and heavily uses "stunt mouths" in place of actual lip flaps due to large amounts of dialog in the original series being mind speak. The series is meant to parody the abridging genre by using clearly "lazy" edits, badly photoshopped frames and stock sounds effect.


Writer: pzykosiz
Editor: pzykosiz
Voice Actors: Darkmoon487, TMFilly, pzykosiz, The Cake Devil, Pengu VA, Jindusmer, devilkicksanji, DeWarioFreak

The production of this series was actually a second attempt at the series, the first however, never seeing the light of day. Originally an attempt at entering #TIBA, but the script, while actually following the story, was "far too awful to put into words", and was subsequently scrapped in favour of a nonsensical plot-line that ignores the main storyline


  • Kuroyukihime/Black Lotus - Darkmoon487 (Ep1), The Cake Devil (Ep2-6)

One of the main protagonists of the actual series, being the smart, beautiful Vice President of the Student Council, is transformed into a loud mouth hardcore gamer with a questionable history and a gravelly voice. Also becoming a semi-antagonistic character to Haruyuki by tricking him into helping her (by being a meat shield)

  • Haruyuki/Silver Crow - TMFilly (Ep1-6)

The shy, quiet, punching bag retains his role pretty well, keeping his protagonist role, but also becoming a slave to Kuroyukihime's questionable actions. Given his nature, he's easily tricked by a pretty face (that offers handjobs)

Douchebag, one-off character. That is all.

  • Ash Roller - Pengu VA (Ep2)

Loud bikie character, Haruyuki's rival in the original series. Beats Haruyuki in a fight

  • Ice Pick - Jindusmer (Ep3-6)

Appears to be involved in illegal human organ trade in some manner. "Borrows" a kidney from Haruyuki

  • Aqua Current/Me - devilkicksanji (Ep3-6)

A self inserted character meant to poke fun at suggested improvements to the show. Will likely be included in other episodes to extend the joke further

  • Yuniko Kozuki/Scarlet Rain - pzykosiz (Ep4)

New manager hired to make sure some specific people actually do their job

Characters that are angry about being cut from the show

Off screen tumblr-ite character

One of a highly annoying pair of criminal children

The other one

  • Fuko Kurosaki/Sky Raker - Text to Speech (Ep6)

Used as a Youtube bot

Owner of Youtube. Total jerk

Episode List[]

Thumbnail Episode Air Date
Accelerated MINT Thumbnail

Accelerated MINT Ep1 Thumbnail

Episode 1 - 101 Coathanger Life Hacks Apr 2, 2017

Accelerated MINT Ep2 Thumbnail

Episode 2 - Red Eyes Black Lotus Feb 21, 2018
Cover, disclaimer2

Accelerated MINT Ep3 Thumbnail

Episode 3 - Random Critics Are Fair And Balanced Jun 24, 2018
Accelmint thumbnail ep4

Accelerated MINT Ep4 Thumbnail

Episode 4 - Contract? /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ Mar 3, 2019
Accelerated MINT 5

Thumbnail for Accelerated MINT Episode 5

Episode 5 - Queen Splayed Nov 3, 2020
Accelerated MINT 6

Thumbnail for Accelerated MINT Episode 6

Episode 6 - Fuck You Too...b Jan 8, 2021


  • Pzykosiz also has a Maid Sama parody called MaidZ, a Keijo parody called Keijoke!!!!!!!! and a Queen's Blade parody called Queen's Blade Abridged
  • This was a second attempt at creating a series. The original idea looked decent on paper, but hearing it out loud revealed how bad it was.
  • The original script was done in more of an Abridged Series style than a MENT style, and was planned to be covering roughly 1 episode per episode.
  • The lack of lip flaps during scenes needed to be rectified, so a "Stunt Mouth" was used for Kuroyukihime. Being that the character was based heavily on Erika from Heartcatch Precure Abridged, her mouth was used.
  • The angry eyebrows were borrowed from the Red Bird from the "Angry Birds" movie
  • The creator pzykosiz's first editing work was making short AMV's for the AMV Hell Mini Challenge Series. A playlist can be found here
  • The coathanger joke was originally used in a script competition that Pzykosiz entered, for the Dissidia Project
  • The was no issues when Kuroyukihime was recast, Darkmoon487 was just unable to find time to continue with the project. Episode 2 was delayed, but was never lost in development hell
  • An early concept for episode 3 was going to have Aqua Current force Haruyuki to fight Markiplier and JackSepticEye (as Sand Duct and Nickel Doll) (obviously voiced by people doing bad impressions of them). The point was that if he failed, he'd be humiliated in front of the entire world. It was also going to joke that they were the most famous married couple on Youtube, due to numerous fanfics of SeptiPlier.
  • The idea for episode 3 came from getting the previous video critiqued on AbLo. While the editing quality looks poor, most of it was deliberate, but most people didn't interpret that as the joke. The episode was lampooning some of the common points that were made about it, and well as some meta-commentary about the Abridging community
  • vegancollapsing.wav is actually an .mp4
  • Episode 5 was so removed from the rest of the setting that Pzykosiz wasn't sure what to do with it. In the end it became a loose Charlie the Unicorn parody, and a weird crossover with all of his other series

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