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Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA) is an abridged series by JChippers, and one of the first abridgments of the anime Absolute Duo.

Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA)
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Written by


Video Edits by

Nintles (Eps 1-2), CubicalWings (Eps 3-onward)

Audio Edits by







https://www.youtube.com/user/devildays1 https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjJElMwMGRTmBtGB7yeFiTjKvW9OAJLYs

About ADA[]

Absolute Duo Abridged, commonly referred to as its acronym ADA by JChippers, was created during the production of another series JChippers was working on called Mikagura School Suite Abridged (MSSA). After MSSA was uploaded on April 4th, 2016, ADA was uploaded the day after. ADA became the more popular of the two series in regard to views and 'likes'.

The biggest problem with Episode 1 (Ep1) of ADA is the microphone inconsistency. The two main characters, Tor and Julie (Yulie), have the most decent mic quality, while the rest of the cast is very inconsistent. This was fixed with improvement in mic quality and editing in the recordings for future episodes.

The biggest problem with Episode 2 (Ep2) of ADA is the plot is written like a fandub. There are too many lines that're either only slightly reworded from the source material, or directly from the source material. This problem was later realized by JChippers and has been fixed in scripts for future episodes.

JChippers wants to keep some story from the source material while also making his own and being comedic. His most prevalent writing with ADA is the characters, as he makes original personalities for them. JChip wants to "have the characters and comedy make the show, without having it go overboard."

After Episode 2 of ADA was uploaded to YouTube, it got taken down immediately by YouTube, forcing JChip to counterclaim to no prevail and cropping the video, making it look really bad on screen. JChip's editor for MSSA then offered to upload the episode to his channel and fight the copyright. Though it helped a little bit visually, the version JChip uploaded to his channel still has a lot more views between the two.

JChip announced in an update video on his own channel that he was going to be rescripting Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA) episodes 3 through 5 (he prescripts a lot of his scripts during production). This was due to him being unhappy with those specific scripts, as they contained too much of the source material and had a lot of what JChip calls "toilet humor", where there's just a bunch of random explicit language and sex jokes.

On October 2nd, 2017, JChip announced in his Discord server and on his Twitter that episodes 3 and 4 of Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA) were finished in the rescripting process, are beginning production with a new video editor, and that episode 4 actually combines scenes from episodes 4 through 6 of the source material.

JChippers made a tweet on his Twitter that he was unsure if he'd continue the series after Episode 4, as he has shifted focus towards another series for his group YouTube channel, BridgeBrains. He has said that the series may continue in the distant future.

After over a year wait, Absolute Duo Abridged (ADA) Episode 3 was announced for sometime in March 2018 after the episode's preview was uploaded on January 19th, 2018, which happened to be JChip's birthday. The episode came out on February 25th, 2018, but was copyrighted and blocked instantly. The video may or may not be down at the moment.


  • Tor Kokonoe - Philsterman10
  • Julie "Yulie" Sigituna - Leafuchii (Eps 1-2), danidani (Ep3-onwards)
  • Miyabi Hotaka - JChippers
  • Tomoe Tachibana - IceAngelTV (Eps 1-2), Karilynne Davies (Eps 3-onwards)
  • Lilith Bristol - Liliumconcolor
  • Aoi "Tora" Torasaki - Crabcakes125 (Ep 1), LabRat (Eps 2-onwards)
  • Rito "Professor BunBun" Tsukimi - Spice
  • Sakuya Tsukomo - Spice (Eps 1-2), MBTeddyGram (Eps 3-onwards)
  • Kevin "K" Wayfair - Nintles
  • Equipment Smith (K's Boss) - ZehOverseer
  • Ryutaro "Tatsu" Tatsuno - TBA
  • Male Extras - JChippers
  • Female Extras - Spice, Violet [Josh]

Episodes & Specials[]

Episode Upload Date
Episode 1 April 5, 2016
Episode 2 Aug 15, 2016
Episode 3 Feb 25, 2018
Episode 4 TBA
Special Upload Date
ADA Halloween Spooptacular Oct 27, 2016
ADA Happy Holidays Special - Let It Snow (Parody Cover) Dec 19, 2016
ADA Anniversary Special April 5, 2017
RWBY Abridged / ADA Halloween Crossover Special Dec 24, 2017

Gags & Jokes[]

  • Yulie being an egotistical tsundere feminazi; calling Tor and other men in the show "male scum" and saying how she's better than them, while also liking the attention despite not wanting men around.
  • Miyabi having a sort of Bob Dylan voice, and sometimes shifting it to voices even more ridiculous. This is because the character was originally casted to a voice actress who wouldn't turn in her lines, causing her to be recasted by JChippers at last minute, and JChip just saying f*ck it and just doing whatever voice he wants for the character.
  • In the specials, Miyabi may sound really dumb, but she does have interesting commentary about certain events if you pay attention.
  • Tor being referred to as Captain Japan in reference to the Marvel superhero Captain America. He's also referenced to Thor the thunder god due to his name.
  • Tora (Aoi Torasaki) being a British gentleman drug dealer.
  • Tomoe saying "pardon my French" before or after she curses.
  • Rito alternating between her happy bunny persona and her "evil bitch" persona.
  • JChippers not knowing how to video edit well.
  • Multiple specials coming out even though there's only been 2 episodes of the series so far.
  • Miyabi being the sponsor/mascot for ADA even though Tor and Yulie are the two main characters. This is due to JChippers voicing Miyabi and finding it better than making certain announcements as himself.
  • Clickbait thumbnails.
  • Miyabi's name being pronounced wrong.
  • Putting a 'Y' instead of a 'J' in Julie's name due to how the name is pronounced in the official English dub, making fun of that pronunciation. Her name is even spelled "Yulie" in scripts.
  • Avengers references.
  • Miyabi being bi-curious.
  • Tomoe being "pure" and "dignified", but still wanting to have kinky lesbian sex with Miyabi. They still don't have a rope.
  • Shia Labeouf easter eggs throughout an episode because that's Cubical Wings' thing.


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