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Note: This series is in no way related to the one-episode series by ShadyVox.

Abridgimon The Movie is a series created by The AbridgedRockShooter Team based on the 2000 movie made by Fox Kids. The original Digimon movie released in America is a compilation of three Digimon movies (Digimon 01, Our War Game!, and Hurricane Touchdown; The Golden Digimentals, respectively). The Abridged movie is being split into around 16 parts, due to the movie being 2 hours. The voice cast is dominantly male, with females playing comedy relief or bit parts. The voice cast for Abridgimon the Movie is quite large, as all members of The AbridgedRockShooter Team are on board as well as some outsourced voice actors.


Production began in early July and is still ongoing. All episodes are in a fullscreen aspect ratio, and are of decent video/audio quality.


The currently released episodes have been criticized for their lack of emotions on the human voices. They have been praised for their "true-blue" fight scenes and are known to stay true to the original Digimon subtext without straying to far from the source material. However, with this comes a feeling of "retro" and they have been hit with accusations of the comedy being far too dry.


Episodes Air Date
Preview Jul 07, 2012
Part 1 - Computer Birth and Annoying Sidekicks Jul 10, 2012
Part 2 - So Much Better Than Pokemon Jul 11, 2012
Part 3 - It's Been One Week Jul 15, 2012
Part 4 - Mamma Mia! Oct 16, 2012