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Abridgers' Lounge (Often shorten to AbLo) is a Discord Server and a Youtube that was created by a majority of the former mods of the AbCom server after a difference of opinions with the server owner. AbLo serves as a place for abridge creators to communicate with other creators, recruit voice actors, receive or give critique and promote their videos.

AbLo also runs a YouTube channel that hosts a variety of shows, including "In The Lounge", an interview series where SuperNinja5506 sits down with various people from the community, as well as "Burning Bridges" a monthly opinion piece hosted by Ivan LeRoy.

The AbLo channel also once hosted a monthly highlight series of abridged videos called "The Abridged Rewind", however it was discontinued due to multiple factors. The AbLo is currently working towards putting together various tutorials about editing, writing, and voice acting.

AbLo has also started hosting "Abridging 101" panels at various Anime Conventions, which go over the basics of Abridging, starting at choosing a show and ending at dealing with copyright claims. The first of these panels will be hosted at Ramencon 2018.

Joining the Server[]

Initially, entry to the server was on an invite-only basis. However, on the 20th of June, 2017, the server was opened to the public. Now, upon joining, new members are allowed access to a limited number of channels before they are verified by a moderator.


AbLo ran on the backs of two teams; The Mod Team, which ensures that the server runs as intended, and keep people in line, and The Creative Team who produce videos for the AbLo YouTube channel including podcasts, tutorials, and formerly, the Abridged Rewind. As of mid-2018 the creative team was rolled into the Mod Team, due to there being less of a focus on YouTube content.

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