I worte a page like this for a wiki I was on before, and seeing as there is no page like this to be found on this wiki I shall take it upon myself to write up another one for this wiki. Without further ado here is stuff you should know before you start writing/editing articles:

The Rules

THEY ARE HERE!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE READ THEM!!! Follow the rules or else see your article that you just spent your time writing vanish forever!

Tips to help you write a good article

So, you made an abridged series. Good for you! And now you would like to write an article all about how your series is amazing and all that jazz, well hold up there partner and read some information below:

Before Writing Your Article

Before you write your article, please at least have a ghost of a clue what you are going to write about, and please have some knowledge other than "it's an abridged series" on it. Yes, it's an abridged series, the people reading the article probably guessed that, considering it's on an abridged series wiki. Know some background stuff, like, know who was in it, how it was made, what songs were used in it ect. If it's an abridger about how they got into it, what's some of their history? What did they do that made them different? Information besides a list of all the things they've been in goes a long way to making your article interesting, and informative.

If it's not an abridged series, or an abridger, then please, don't make an article on it. People who merely voice act in abridged series, are not abridgers, they are voice actors. There is a difference. An abridger is someone who makes an abridged series. A voice actor is who voice acts in an abridged series, not makes one, just voices in one. Articles on voice actors are tolerated, but they are not appreciated. We're a wiki on abridged series and abridgers, not a wiki for voice actors.

Also before writing your article please familiarize yourself with wiki's formatting. Horribly formatted pages are not welcomed.

Writing Your Article

Now that you have an idea of what you are going to write about, and know the basics of how, it's time to get into the meat of the thing, actually writing it.

While writing, make sure your grasp of the English language remains firm, for horrible spelling and grammar make articles look bad.

Make your article interesting! Remember all that thinking you did about how the series came about, or how the abridging got into abridging? Well now's the time to implement it. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT JUST WRITE OUT A LIST OF STUFF THEY'VE BEEN IN! ADD SOME SUBSTANCE!! OR AT THE VERY LEAST A PICTURE!! There is nothing people hate more on here than reading an article that says:


He was an abridger that made this abridged series."

It's boring and dull and adds nothing to the article. Also be sure to try and keep your articles on topic.

Publishing Your Article

Now that you are all done typing up your masterpiece on yourself (be honest, that's what most people do here) you are ready to publish it. But before you do check over your article for spelling and grammar mistakes. Afterwards, hit the little publish button, and watch your article be deleted because it sucks watch your article be published.


Examples of how we want our articles done:

Examples of bad articles:

Examples of good articles:

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