These are the chat rules and expectations.

General Rules[edit source]

1. No Linking to anything porn-related.[Consenquence: Infinite ban from chat]

2. No spamming in chat.[Consenquence: 2 Hour chat ban]

3. No stretching chat.(Ex. !?!?!?!??!??!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.............lolrjfjrfuirjf) [Consenquence: Kick, then 2 hour ban]

4. Nothing relating to R34.

6. No posting screamers. [Consenquence: Infinite Ban from chat]

7. No "Role-play" in mainchat, only in PM.(Though MILD RPing is allowed)

Additional Rules[edit source]

  • If linking to a site , use TINYURL so we can preview it. (Ex., we can just do )
  • If posting to NSFW Music, or games(But not porn) please link the youtube link, and say NSFW.
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