This is the page for the Wiki/Site Rules. More rules will be added as needed. You may discuss the site rules here.  

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Major Changes

This is not an article

And neither is this.

These are the Major changes to the site that will now be enforced. They have come about due to need.

  • NO LONGER WILL BLANK ARTICLES BE ALLOWED! This wiki is in shambles. There are blank articles left and right and this makes the wiki not only extremely unreliable, but look extremely unprofessional. We will be deleting any and all blank articles that are not tagged with {{Under Construction}}
  • New Article Standards Set: Ok guys, this and this, are not articles. They are pages with either a list of links or pages that just say "THIS IS AN ABRIDGED SERIES i MADE LOL" on them. Saying "This is an abridged series I made hear is a link plz check it out" does not count as an aritcle. Or at least, it will no longer count as an article. That is another thing that is bring the wiki down and we will no longer tolerate it. This is an article. We're not saying that your articles have to be as elaborate as Mircow's, something like this or even this is an acceptable article, because it has some history on the series, production information, and links to the channel on which it can be found.
  • JOKE ARTICLES ARE NOT ALLOWED: So apparently this was never made clear, but joke articles will not be tolerated. The wiki is already considered a joke by the rest of society, let's not help their view here. This means that jokes are not to substitute actual information. If you have a section on Chadvision in your article, give some real information about Chadvision. Don't say he's a banana, because he's not a banana. If you have a trivia section in your article, put some actual, real trivia there, don't just make up some false jokes and put it there, that's not trivia, that's stupid. Failure to follow this rule will result in your article being deleted!!

Once again, CREATING AN ARTICLE THAT SAYS "THIS IS AN ABRIDGED SERIES MADE BY X" WITH A LINK TO THEIR CHANNEL IS NOT AN ARTICLE! If you haven't done anything then add your page to the upcoming category, or better yet, don't make a page until you've done something. In other words, no more articles like this.

And now for some general rules, ones that will stand no matter who runs this wiki.

General Rules

  1. No pornographic images, links, or material in any article. This rule will be strictly enforced![Consequence: Infinite ban]
  2. Articles about a series must be unbiased. Please.
  3. Please do not give us too much personal information in an article about an abridger. This is a wiki about their abridging en devours so please make sure that this is the main focus of the article. You can place all un abridging related facts in the Trivia section of the article. People don't want to know about the abridgers cat or where they live, they want to know about their abridging projects.
  4. Articles about an abridger must include at least one link to one of the abridgers' pages.
  5. Please try to keep swearing out of your articles. Unless it's a quote or something. It looks bad when you place a bunch of swear words in an article.
  6. Please use proper grammar and spelling on the articles. It will make the community a much nicer place.
  7. Trolling and Troll articles will not be tolerated. Trolling, Vandalizing and making Troll articles will get you banned. Don't test me on this.
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